Resident evil 2 remake achievements

Resident Evil 2 Remake Trophies and Achievement List Revealed

resident evil 2 remake achievements

Full list of Resident Evil 2 achievements and guides to unlock them. There are 43 Achievements worth Gamerscore and takes around.

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There are 87 of them in total, many of which are locked or unexplained when you first start the game. Most of the Records in the game, when achieved, unlock entries in the Gallery, such as concept art or character models; a handful also unlock bonus weapons, character costumes, and extra gameplay modes. Naturally, due to the nature of the beast, this whole thing is a big list of major spoilers. The following is a list of the Records that pertain to the game's story, various in-game accomplishments or objectives, and your ending rank when you complete a scenario. In part two, we'll discuss Records that are obtained through combat, by finding various collectible items, and by solving various puzzles throughout the game. Or, in one case, written on the side.

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Thankfully, this is a short game half the fun is mastering every aspect of the game world, learning the ins-and-outs, and speedrunning through the campaigns in record time. Then there are the collectibles locked safes, inventory upgrades, weapon customization, notes, Mr. Raccoons and more. Just scroll down to learn all about, well, everything. There are a lot of them, and unlocking them all will require multiple playthroughs. The true ending will unlock when you complete the [Second Run] campaign, which unlocks after completing your first playthrough. The [Second Run] campaign is slightly different, with harder puzzles and some different key item locations.

As you play Resident Evil 2 Remake you see some of them are quite well hidden, with a few in places you can't return to if you miss them and some that only appear in either Leon or Claire's campaign. So a little help wouldn't go amiss - no one wants to get to the end and realise there's one Mr Raccoon you've missed you can never get to again. So check out our guide to all the Resident Evil 2 Mr Raccoon locations and catch them all as you play. You'll find the first Mr Raccoon in the basement of the police station. Head into the firing range and you'll find him at the back next to a target on the floor. On the east side of the police station is an easy to miss Mr Raccoon.

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The remake of Resident Evil 2 is finally out and players are well on their way to running through the game multiple times to find everything. A huge part of the appeal for Resident Evil is the difficulty brought on by the enemies and lack of inventory supplies. Players can select their difficulty when starting a fresh run and they can try and make it as challenging or as easy as they want. Resident Evil 2 incentives players to run through the game multiple times to unlock different scenarios and playable characters. If you ran your first game on standard why not crank up the difficulty to hardcore for your next playthrough?

Resident Evil 2 Achievements

Resident evil 2 remake all secret achievements

Secret Achievements for Resident Evil 2 Remake

The waiting is finally over. After receiving the remake of the first Resident Evil game in and wishful thinking of a remake for the beloved 2nd part of the series, our prayers have finally been answered. Just as the original PS1 game this remake offers a scenario for both Leon and Claire as well as a second scenario for each of them after finishing the game. While the first remake chose to keep the fixed camera angles, REmake 2 chose the 3rd person over the shoulder perspective familiar from Resident Evil 4. Another feature new to REmake 2 is self-defense items, which made their debut in the first remake. While being grabbed by the enemy you can use those to avoid taking damage and you will have a chance to damage an enemy instead. You can try to get S-Ranks on the 2nd-4th playthrough.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - All 42 Trophies = PLATINUM

Resident Evil 2 Achievements





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