Secrets and lies season 2 episode 4 watch online

Secrets and Lies recap: Season 2, Episode 4

secrets and lies season 2 episode 4 watch online

One minute into tonight's episode of Secrets and Lies, Danny almost immediately drops a truth bomb on Eric when he.


Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Know she has one, and B. Oh, and the death by drowning I keep mentioning? I think it really might happen…. Related Stories. Madeline Martha Mackenzie.

Add to List. In season 2, Kate Warner falls to her death from a story building and all evidence points to this being a homicide. Detective Andrea Cornell is brought in to root out the real killer. Her prime suspect is Kate's husband, Eric Warner. Episodes

Secrets and Lies full episode guide offers a synopsis for every episode in case you missed a show. Browse the list of episode titles to find summary recap you.
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Eric and Danny continue to search for Carly and Liam, while Cornell finds a new person of interest. Looks like nothing can get past this super sleuth. Well, Liam is still playing hide-and-seek, and Eric and Danny are still trying to track him down. In doing so, they end up interrogating the girl with whom Liam left the party. Speaking of Detective Cornell, while Eric and Danny are channeling their inner Nancy Drew, Cornell is at the police precinct having a conversation with the only person who looks at her the exact same way she looks at everyone else — her boss.

Madeline, whose infidelity to her husband Ed had recently come to light, storms back into the house. Big Little Lies has always shined when excavating secrets in the domestic sphere. The labor is at once collective and deeply personal. All my hopes and plans for Amabella have gone to shit. I married a man who would take my life and all my accomplishments and just turn them to shit. My choices.

An anthology crime drama based on an Australian series and developed by Barbie Kligman. In the first season, a man becomes the prime suspect in a murder after finding the body of a young boy, while the second follows the downward spiral of the heir to a private equity firm after his wife is found dead. Patrick makes a major gaffe at work by failing to cover for Eric, and then finds himself caught in Cornell's investigation. Meanwhile, Eric and Danny have company in their search for Liam; and a devastating betrayal rocks Eric's world. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

Secrets and Lies

Sign in. TV Schedule., The Big Secret may not be the cause of every hardship in the lives of the The Monterey Five, but it certainly doesn't make dealing with the other traumas life throws their way any easier.

Secrets & Lies

As Eric battles to prove his innocence, he discovers that Kate and the rest of his family are not who they appeared to be. Eric attempts to track down Kate's missing assistant, Liam, only to find out that he is not at all who he said he was. Eric and Patrick take a trip to visit someone from Kate's past, who reveals an astonishing secret. Create an ABC Account to save your favorite shows and continue watching where your left off. By signing out, you will not be able to resume watching content where you left off, enjoy cross-device viewing experience, or save your favorites to your My List.

In the Season 2 finale, Patrick's new reality is a major struggle; Danny continues his search for his daughter; and Cornell believes she's found Kate's killer. Eric can't find one person to be honest with him, but he finally comes clean about an event from his past. Meanwhile, Cornell believes she's on the verge of naming Kate's killer; and Eric finally gains access to Kate's second iPad with Danny's help, but is amazed at what he finds inside. Patrick's reckless behavior and secret sins force the Warners to quickly patch up their differences and save SEG. Meanwhile, Cornell and her ex-husband are racked with guilt over their daughter.

Big Little Lies season 2 episode 4 review: She Knows

In the second season, Cornell investigates Eric Warner Michael Ealy , a newly married heir to his family's private equity firm, when his wife Kate is murdered. The series was renewed for a second season on May 7, , [3] which premiered on September 25, and concluded on December 4, Ben Crawford is a self-employed contractor, married to Christy with whom he has two daughters, Natalie, 16, and Abby, His best friend, Dave, lives in their summer house. They have a neighbor, Jess, who is estranged from her husband Scott, who is in the military. Jess and Scott have a five year old son named Tom. While out for an early morning run, Ben discovers Tom's body; he was evidently taken from his bed into the woods and killed by six blows to the head from a flashlight.




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