How to tell if dea is watching you

How Do You Know You're Under Federal Investigation?

how to tell if dea is watching you

The Stingray: How Law Enforcement Can Track Your Every Move

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Government spending on surveillance technologies for domestic law enforcementlike IMSI catchers, biometrics, and cameras of all kindshas increased exponentially in recent years, despite the fact that in the last 20 years, crime rates in the United States have steadily and significantly declined PDF. Invasive street level surveillance technologies are popping up in towns across the USand around the globe. A Halloween costume is no match for these technologies when it comes to protecting your privacy. Here are a few of the disturbing surveillance technologies that local law enforcement is increasingly adding to its arsenal, and how you might encounter them on a typical day. Maybe tweet about your plans? Posted an Instagram of your costume?

When contacting Eagle Investigative Services please remember not to call from any suspect area or to use any suspect telephone. This is the most common indicator of covert eavesdropping activities. Theft of confidential information is a multi-billion dollar underground industry in the United States. Often the loss of your secrets will show up in very subtle ways. Always trust your instincts in this matter. Confidential meetings and bids are very popular targets for corporate spies.

Here are the most common ways people find out that the feds are looking at them . If it turns out that you are under investigation, you should watch this video on.
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Photo via Flickr user Sam Stokes. The current official Obama administration excuse for the program they were forced to admit the existence of is that it helps track down drug dealers and other criminals who tend to use difficult-to-track disposable cellphones. Members of Congress have been pressing Attorney General Eric Holder about this, and he claims this is a common tactic used to protect sources. Although the government originally claimed that it would only use its massive powers of data collection and surveillance in serious, rare, 24 -type situations, of course they are using these same powers to go after more mundane criminals. This sort of codependent relationship between the war on drugs and the national security state makes it difficult to separate the two. More than one tentacle of government needs to be hacked off before Americans get some privacy back.

Ever had the feeling you were being watched? If you think you're under surveillance, you're probably experiencing a lot of stress. How can you tell who to trust? With a little awareness, you can probably determine whether or not the threat is real or in your head. See Step 1 below to learn how to spot and lose tails, check if your phone is being monitored, and protect your emails. You can also change your patterns by walking or driving around a block twice, for example, to see if you're being followed.

Warning Signs That You Are Being Watched

Think someone is spying on you?, Resources About Federal Criminal Defense. Government Investigations.

There's A Good Chance You're Being Watched By The CIA Right Now







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