Amazing race asia season 5 episode 10 watch online

Filipino team wins Amazing Race Asia Season 5

amazing race asia season 5 episode 10 watch online

The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 Finale

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Nothing to start off your day like reading some TAR Asia rankings along with your morning bowl of Trix! A ten metre high jump left Vanessa with a mild concussion but both sisters felt the pain. The dramatic music is cut halfway through to allow for the intro. That editor needs to be fired. It is the most awkward transition into the intro that I have ever seen. You would think the last thing they wanted to do after sitting for five hours is to sit some more. They read that they must travel by train to Budapest.

Here, teams must take a three hour car trip to a holy temple in Sanur where they can find their next clue. Malaysia boleh! Once the teams arrive at the temple, they will receive route info where they will need to assemble a Balinese Penjor to the satisfaction of the Penjor Artist and deliver it to the marked Penjor area at PantaiMertasari.
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The fifth installment of the show returned after a 6-year hiatus. The season premiered on 13 October and promised to be the most adrenaline-fueled season ever. Wu is paired up with Tara Basro , an Indonesian film actress in hosting this season while in Indonesia. This is the first time in any edition worldwide that the host did not officially signal the start of the Race. Nirwandar also appeared at the Finish Line. This season introduce a new twist: The 'Speed Bump'. Similar to the American version, the team that placed last in the non-elimination leg will have to perform a 'Speed Bump' somewhere in the next leg before they can continue with the race.

The Amazing Race Asia 5 Episode 10 Recap One Hell of a Race Day

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