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Watch trailers & learn more. A Fantastic Woman. A 1h 44mInternational Movies. When her lover dies suddenly, a transgender woman's life is upended.

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The death of a loved one is always a nightmarish prospect, but that fear is given a particularly horrifying edge in this humanist story, told with fantastical flourishes. The pair have dinner before heading to his flat, where Marina has just moved in, and plan a romantic trip to mark this milestone. But when Orlando wakes in the night with a pain in his chest, their idyll is shattered. Marina is left alone to face a suddenly hostile world. Marina is trans, and this fact makes her the object of immediate suspicion to the authorities. Orlando fell in his final minutes as she attempted to get him to hospital, and his bruises fuel accusations of foul play. The police, even the apparently sympathetic officer who instructs a subordinate against misgendering Marina, are quick to accuse her of involvement in prostitution and perhaps even of violence towards him.

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Review by Hannah Woodhead goodjobliz. Vega plays Marina, a young trans singer who is in a committed relationship with Orlando Francisco Reyes , a man 30 years her senior. Aside from the characters of Marina and to a lesser extent Orlando there is little room for character development. She struggles to reconcile the man she loved with the family he had, particularly their hostility towards her, threatened by a perceived danger she poses to the fabric of their family. Lelio attempts to deal also with the injustices many trans people are subject to in one tense scene, Vega is forced to strip naked by police officials who believe she was being abused by her partner, and she is frequently misgendered by other characters. This humiliation speaks to the real-life discrimination thousands of trans women and men face across the world every day.

Matthew Turner On 02, Mar When Orlando dies suddenly from an aneurysm, Marina is devastated, but finds her troubles are just beginning, as his horrified family order her to leave the apartment and refuse to let her attend the funeral. To make matters worse, the police suspect her of, at best, prostitution and, at worst, murder, since Orlando fell down some stairs and sustained suspicious injuries when she was trying to get him to the hospital. The effect of this is extremely powerful, making the audience pathetically grateful for the smallest act of kindness, even if Marina herself treats it with scepticism born of experience. Vega is utterly mesmerising as Marina, combining steely toughness with heart-wrenching vulnerability and meeting every obstacle with remarkable strength, no matter how horrific or upsetting the circumstances.

A Fantastic Woman Film Review: Chiles Oscar Entry Tells Powerful Trans Tale

Marina and Orlando are in love and planning for the future. Marina is a young waitress and aspiring singer. Orlando is 20 years older than her, and owns a.
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