Infographic watch face series 3

The 13 best Apple Watch faces for your smartwatch in 2019

infographic watch face series 3

Your Apple Watch comes with a variety of watch faces, most of which you can Note: The Radio complication appears only on Apple Watch Series 3 and later.

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The Apple Watch Series 4 is the best smartwatch you can buy, but what if you want to personalize it a little before strapping it on your wrist? Apple provides a wide range of choice, with many being suited to particular situations. How do you find them, change them, and make them your own? Here, use the Digital Crown to scroll through the available choices, and tap the screen to select. To customize the look, use 3D Touch again and tap Customize when it appears under the face.

With the launch of the cellular-enabled Apple Watch Series 3, this ultra-popular little gadget is now smarter than ever. From tracking your activities to controlling your media, Apple Watch Series 3 is jam-packed with incredible features available right there on your wrist. Here are just some of the cool things you can do with your Apple Watch…. Likewise, tapping the red button on your Apple Watch will instantly dismiss the call. With Apple Watch on your wrist, you will also be able to check all incoming emails and messages no matter where you are.

Playing around with the basics is natural when you first set up your Apple Watch , and that includes exploring watch faces and complications. And though the smartwatch may not support third-party watch faces, there's an extensive library of Apple's own options of sift through.
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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. As of 2 days ago I completely reset my iPhone X due to it consistently restarting itself assuming the UI is getting bogged down to the point that it restarted on its own approx in 2 days. However today I wake up to my watch being reset yet again, and the faces removed from my selection? I am aware now anyway that this watch face is only meant for the series 4 Apple Watch but that seems quite unethical at this point as my watch has clearly proven the capability to use it. This leads me to believe that apple is intentionally with holding these faces from older models to push sales.



The best Apple Watch faces for 2019

20 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Apple Watch – Infographic





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    20 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Apple Watch - Infographic

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