Diy c&c guinea pig cage

How to Build a C&C Guinea Pig Cage

diy c&c guinea pig cage

DIY Guinea Pig C&C Cage - How to Build a C&C Cage!

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We are a small family run business supplying large indoor guinea pig cage kits and accessories. We offer high quality complete cage kits at a reasonable price but if you find an identical cage cheaper elsewhere we will price match. Super quick delivery, communication was amazing I had so many different ideas of set ups and they gave me about 3 different quote in the end till I decided to go with my first choice.. So easy to assemble and piggies love it.. We also went for a stand the storage space is ace..

Jessie is an art director and a long-time cavy lover who has way too many hobbies.
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You can add DIY Ramp: 1. You might need a parents help for this part: with one part underneath the heavy surface, and gently bend it upward. Use zip ties to connect them securely to each other. Measure coroplast and poke some holes into it and zip tie it to the grid. Zip tie to the top ramp securely! You are commenting using your WordPress.

DIY C&C Cage

In fact, they were designed with cavies in mind and are the ideal option if you have more than two guinea pigs., Although it takes a little diy, you can build a cage that is the size you want or that fits your space. The 9x9 grids are square and you join them up using the connectors.

C&C Cages for Guinea Pigs UK

Guinea pigs are grazing animals and need space to roam around and play. Although you can get large cages for your guinea pig from a pet store, a more cost-effective option is to build your own with cube storage grids and coroplast, also known as a C and C cage. C and C cages can be arranged in any shape and are easy to build in an afternoon. Tip: If you don't have a straight edge that's long enough for the entire length of your cut, stop your cut halfway through and move the straightedge to the second half to continue scoring the coroplast. To make a C and C cage for a guinea pig, start by arranging some storage grids in a rectangle on the floor that's at least 7. Then, secure the grids together with zip ties, and attach upright storage grids around the edges to make the walls of the cage. Next, measure the base of the cage, and mark the measurements onto some coroplast, adding 6 inches to each side.

Forum Photos Testimonials. Some brands are harder to snap into the connectors than others. You may also want a pair of pliers or a rubber mallet to help complete some connections. Cut it to the outer dimensions with the scissors or box cutter. A pair of heavy duty scissors or a box cutter is easier than regular scissors, but you can still use regular scissors. Secure the flaps with clear packing tape. A couple of wide strips on the outside work great.




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    Most guinea pig owners don't realize that there is another option for a guinea pig cage that is not only cheaper but is also more comfortable.

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