Carson wentz vs dak prescott stats

Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz

carson wentz vs dak prescott stats

Stephen A. Smith gets fired up debating Carson Wentz vs. Dak Prescott - First Take - ESPN

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If you want to feel old, look back on what you thought about Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz just two years ago. Remember how you felt about Prescott during his Rookie of the Year season in Remember the excitement, the highlights, the compelling come-from-nowhere story, the MVP chatter, the near-certainty that he was about to take the NFL by storm and make the Cowboys a powerhouse for the next decade? Now recall how you felt about Wentz. Sure, there was excitement, especially after the second overall pick in the draft led the Eagles to a scorching start and turned Philadelphia into Carson City, Wentzylvania. But by the midseason, when Prescott threw an overtime touchdown to Jason Witten to lead the Cowboys to a victory over the Eagles, Wentz was just a Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield, another rookie battling turnovers and inconsistency after a promising start. Prescott was on his way to becoming a sensation.

When it comes to their contract extensions, don't be surprised if Prescott gets the few dollars more he deserves over Wentz. Wentz did not bump Wilson from the top in terms of average annual salary, and the Cowboys will be justified if they pay more for Prescott than the Eagles paid for Wentz. Wilson can still be helpful as a launching point for Prescott's case. In contrast, Wentz, the No. Determining which QB has brought more value to his team early in his career is tricky.

Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz Stats - Presented Without Comment. Dak Prescott . 48 Games (). /1, (%). 10, Passing Yards ( YPA).
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Fans and media alike all debated whether the Eagles made a good decision or not. For several days now, people have been debating Wentz and Prescott as if it were the biggest rivalry in sports. These young quarterbacks have been tied together since the beginning of the NFL season. There was no debate during the draft, Prescott seemed like an afterthought due to his draft stock. The talk of the NFL draft was all about Jared Goff and Carson Wentz; this was it, the rivalry to end all rivalries, the matchup that would be talked about for ages.

Key Stats Show Why Dak Prescott Is Better Than Carson Wentz

Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz - Who has the brighter future in the NFL ? - UNDISPUTED

Why Dak Prescott will (and should) get paid more than Carson Wentz

The NFC East is one of the more entertaining divisions in football for better or for worse. At the same time, the NFC East can be quite competitive within the entire conference. After all, they did have two representatives in the playoffs last season thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. While not many expect the division to be good as a whole this year, the Eagles and the Cowboys should be two exciting teams to watch in Who is the future of the team Carson Wentz or Nick Foles? Both guys have been confirmed to be future of their respective teams, but now we are back to the question who would you rather have?

By: K. Drummond December 5, pm ET. The Cowboys and Eagles boast quarterbacks who will forever be intertwined. Throw in the fact they are front and under center in one of the most heated, and hated, rivalry in all of sports, and it makes for must-see television whenever the two square off. Wentz was the rare small school quarterback prospect who a team completely fawned over. After leading North Dakota State to consecutive FCS championships, he was targeted by Philadelphia who traded numerous picks to move up and select him No.

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Whatever Happened to the Budding Rivalry Between Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz?

Field Yates speculates that Dak Prescott could sacrifice money to ensure long-term security. Jones never said it, but the message was clear: The Cowboys will pay quarterback Dak Prescott a ton of money on a long-term deal, but he lacks a championship, so he is not at the tippy-top of the quarterback market. Wentz has had a better season than Prescott has had, but Prescott has had a better three-year run. Wentz was the No. Both started as rookies, with Prescott earning the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award by leading the Cowboys to a mark with 23 touchdown passes and four interceptions. In , Wentz had a record, missing the final three games with a back injury, and he saw Foles once again take Philadelphia to the playoffs. Prescott has not missed a game in his three-year career.



A look at the career stats of the two QBs give one an advantage, but looking beyond the box score shows a totally different view.
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