Spookys house of jumpscares specimens

Specimen 8

spookys house of jumpscares specimens

Specimen 1 takes the form of several different cardboard cut-outs. There is a.

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Specimen 11 A. Specimen 11 is a floating, red creature with a demonic appearance. Its eyeless head bears two large horns. Specimen 11 also has long claws at the ends of its fingers and lacks clothing. Not only is its head eyeless, but it also appears to be lacking both ears, a nose, and a mouth of any kind.

Specimen 12 is an old, Victorian mansion with supernatural properties. According to CAT-DOS , the mansion seemingly built itself around its environment and can choose a "host", manipulating them to attack other subjects through various means. These means depend on the new host's characteristics. The "mansion" is large, having many rooms and hallways with numerous decorative features; these items include wooden tables and chairs, ornate doors, and bookshelves. However, it is noteworthy that most of the rooms are inaccessible due to the "broken" state of their respective doors. The current "host" of Specimen 12 is the Possessed One , also known as the Old Man - a balding, middle-aged male human with a yellowish or tanned complexion. The Possessed One sports a tan trench coat, dark gray leggings, and brown shoes.

Unknown Specimen

Specimen 1 are harmless entities randomly encountered throughout Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. Specimen 1 takes the form of several different cardboard cut-outs. - Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Specimen 6 is a wooden, life-sized puppet. His eyes are pure white with no irises or pupils and his face usually bears a wide, toothy grin. Specimen 6 wears a simple brown tunic with a brown belt, blue-grey tights, and black shoes. He carries a long, thin, silver blade likely a needle and has thin strings attached to his arms and back. Though his face initially bears a smile, he can suddenly switch to a frighteningly angry face at random intervals. The player first encounters Specimen 6 in Room He will be standing right in the middle of the room as if to greet the player.


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    Specimen are the NPCs encountered in the game Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion .

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    Specimen 12

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