I want to know whose number is this in india

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i want to know whose number is this in india

How to Know Whose Phone Number Is Calling You You come across numbers so often and want to know who the . There is TrueCaller, which has a directory of around 2 billion numbers, based mainly in India and Asia.

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We are used to searching for phone numbers via names and addresses, but at times it is so important to know who is the owner of a particular phone number. You come across numbers so often and want to know who the owners are: the number of a private caller who made a missed call, or a number you noted somewhere but forgot whose it is. Searching for the owner of a phone number is known as reverse phone lookup. Since each number must be assigned to a person or a company, you should technically be able to retrace the number to that entity, but you don't always get satisfactory results. Actually, there is no sure and reliable system to look up a number.

India has the second largest telecommunication system and there are more than I found several ways to trace mobile number but most of the websites, restrict the users to view the owner of the mobile phone. But soon i discovered a good website that shows even the name of the mobile number along with the map location. So i was just curious how did this website traced my number and i thought that as i logged in with my social network account it would have traced from it. So what i did was tried some other number which was not on any of my social networks and i got the result as below. To download their mobile application, view their site through mobile and select the platform to download.

We have also some other option but this one is very easy. k How can I know in whose name a mobile number is registered? . Visvesh, B.E from Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India ().
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Reverse lookup of phone numbers in India has never been more convenient. RevealName allows you to do a reverse phone number lookup for any mobile or landline number in India. All you need to do to find out who owns the number is to enter the phone number you want to lookup and RevealName will instantly find out who, either a person or a business, owns the phone number. RevealName uses thousands of public and third party databases to accurately keep owner records for all phone numbers based in India in order to provide you the most accurate reverse lookup information in India. In most cases, we are also able to provide address, background information and demographic information as part of reverse phone lookup. You can now reverse phone lookup any India based mobile or landline number straight from your PC. Are you getting random phone calls from a number in India and want to know the true owner?

Technology Explained. Phone numbers are a little like fingerprints; they can reveal a lot about a person, for example, their name or where they live. Several online tools let you reverse lookup and possibly identify who a phone number is registered to. If the call is from an official or otherwise public source, a search engine like Google or DuckDuckGo might come up with every last detail about the location and owner of the phone number. The screenshot below, for example, shows the Google result when searching for the number of the National Do Not Call Registry.

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