Mop scene 13 reasons why

Where We Left Off With Tyler Down in ‘13 Reasons Why’ Season 2

mop scene 13 reasons why

The 13 Reasons Why mop scene should never have been able to air. Tyler is sodomised by a mop in season 2, and it's truly disturbing.

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Having long been an outcast with vaguely creepy tendencies remember those covert photos he took of Hannah without her consent? The pair decided to take their revenge on the bullies and jocks of Liberty High by vandalizing the football field, which got Tyler sent to a behavioral rehabilitation program. After returning from the program, Tyler seems to have turned over a new leaf Thankfully, though, he also texted Mackenzie to warn her, and the advance warning gave Clay and the gang enough time to come up with a plan. Clay intercepted Tyler right outside the school and successfully talked him down, after which Tony rolled up in his car to whisk Tyler away just before the cops arrived. One of the strongest story lines in season 2 centered on Jessica and her gradual recovery from being raped by Bryce in season 1.

Major spoilers for 13 Reasons Why season two ahead. Tyler is left bleeding from the rear, bruised, and so badly traumatized that he later shows up at his school with the intention of carrying out a mass shooting. To those offended or triggered by the scene, Yorkey shared this statement:. We fully understand that that means some of the scenes in the show will be difficult to watch. I think Netflix has helped provide viewers with lots of resources for understanding that this may not be the show for everybody, and also resources for people who do watch it and are troubled and need help.

When Tyler apologises, Monty grabs his head and pushes it violently into the mirror behind him, before slamming his head repeatedly on the hard, ceramic sink. Monty gets a mop from the corner of the bathroom, and while his friends restrain Tyler, whose pants are now pulled down, the teenager is anally raped with the wooden end of the mop. I'm providing this detail because elsewhere online, descriptions of Tyler's rape are alarmingly sanitised. The scene is regularly referred to as 'Tyler's sexual assault,' with rare mentions of the teenager being 'sodomised by a mop', and almost always mentioned in the context of his decision later in the episode to arrive at the school dance armed with guns with the intention to commit a mass shooting. But what we see in those two minutes is the most graphic, violent depiction of rape I can personally ever remember watching. It's unexpected, it's perpetrated at school, and has an implied 'justification' that seems to make the entire ordeal even more cruel.

But there is a scene in the second season of 13 Reasons Why — a Netflix show that is no stranger to controversy when it comes to depicting unsettling scenes — that even I had trouble getting through, and that has stayed with me and others since I watched the episode. The baseball players then casually walk out of the restroom, leaving Tyler, pants still down, crying alone on the bathroom floor with a bloodied face dripping with toilet water. The scene lasts for an utterly gruesome 90 seconds. Bryce, the rich, entitled douchebag captain of the baseball team, was the perpetrator in both assaults. Yet, while both of these scenes were undeniably unsettling in their own ways, I felt remarkably different watching them than I did when watching Tyler get torturously sodomized with a mop. Brian Yorkey, the creator of 13 Reasons Why , seems to have an answer for why.

The two-minute scene in 13 Reasons Why season two that should never have aired.

The Mop Scene from 13 REASONS WHY Is WILD


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