Special ways to ask someone to be a godparent

How to Ask Someone to Be a Godparent

special ways to ask someone to be a godparent

Choosing a godparent is so important, it deserves a proposal of its own. Here are a few creative ways to ask if your nearest and dearest to help.


We live in a world where everyone wants to be noticed for how cute, happy or extra they are. We can add this one to the list. Not that I'm ragging on people who like to make things extra special, but your motivation should be a little more sincere than wanting to get more likes on social media. It's now a trend to ask people to be the godparents of your children in a, you guessed it, trendy way. According to Pinterest , searches for "godparent proposals" have increased percent. People are looking for unique ways to ask their friends or family members to be their child's godparents. While I totally believe that this should be done in as way that is memorable, I can already see people looking to one-up what they've seen on their Instagram feed.

I'm trying to think of ways but I haven't found one I love! Haha, I was on the phone with my sister and just said, "If we die, you'll take Hazel, right? So now I just have to put it in writing, but there was nothing particularly special about it! We made a coffee mug on snapfish with baby's picture and the word godmother. God parents are not necessarily guardians. We decided we were going to ask my sister in law to be this lo godmother so when I called my brother to wish him a happy godparents day he is my older daughter godfather I had them on FaceTime and asked my sister in law if she wanted to celebrate godparents day next year She was like why what wait

If you're hoping to designate godparents for your child, you might be wondering how to ask someone to be a godparent. There are many serious or fun ways to ask depending on your personality and the personality of the potential godparent. Look for a way to ask that will be meaningful and memorable to you all. There is no set age when godparents must be appointed, even for baptism purposes. Parents can ask someone to be a godparent before or after the baby is born, but before is ideal. This gives the godparents a chance to bond with the baby from birth.

See more ideas about Godparent gifts, Asking godparents and Baby dedication. Cute and awesome way to ask someone to be the Godmother of your child. I.
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Asking someone to take can active role in raising your child is no laughing matter. However, a humorous approach to making this serious request can make the formidable task of godparenting more appealing if the potential godparents of your little one have just as much of a sense of humor as you do. Godparents share the joy and excitement of raising your child. Give them a laugh while making your official request. Purchase several items from your local discount dollar store or supercenter. Package each of the items separately in a small gift bag.

Asking someone to be godparent or guardian to your child is a big deal. Parents are pulling out all the stops to ask their nearest and dearest to take on the job in adorable and extravagant ways. Following in the footsteps of baby showers and gender reveal parties, the latest parenting trend to cross the pond is the godparent proposal. The task of acting as an honorary parent or guardian can be a daunting prospect for some. Have you ever changed a nappy?

When you choose the right people for the job, your son or daughter will come away with a lifelong friend and mentor. With a little thoughtful preparation, you can be sure to make a confident pick and find the most meaningful way to present the invitation. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 8 references. Categories: Babies and Infants. Learn more Make a shortlist of people whose values align with your own.

Asking someone to be a godparent

13 Creative and Thoughtful Ways to Ask: Will You Be a Godparent?

Any good ideas or advice on how to do this? I would just ask her the same way you wrote it here. I agree with Julie. We are religious and asked my aunt and brother. I think the practice of having,godparents care for the child in parental absence is not common anymore. It is a separate conversation. Godparent is for spiritual guidance.

You staged an epic pregnancy announcement , planned a unique gender reveal and had a Pintrest-worthy baby shower. The next major milestone you can get excited about is popping the big question on behalf of baby: Will you be my godparents? Need some inspiration? Check out some fun ways to stage a godparent proposal below. Set aside some time to jot down a touching godparent proposal letter.

There's nothing better than a thoughtful proposal. That's why we have prom-posals and bridesmaid proposals in addition to The Big Proposal.

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