What is a king hit

Head Impact Biomechanics of “King Hit” Assaults

what is a king hit

King Hit Cowards

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Image via. For the past few months everyone have been talking about the king hit , or coward punch if you want to be all PC about it. But after all these countless conversations we realised that for all the discussions no one could categorically define what the infamous move actually was. Some people said it was just a knockout punch, others an unprovoked on, several said it came from behind and was unseen, and the odd one guessed it was punching someone already on the ground. We decided to see what Sydney locals thought it was, after all they're the ones who'll have to deal with new laws aimed at eradicating them?

A sucker punch American English also known as a dog shot , coward punch , king hit or one-punch attack Australian English or cold-cock American English is a punch made without warning or while the recipient is distracted, allowing no time for preparation or defense on the part of the recipient. The term is generally used in situations where the way in which the punch has been delivered is considered unfair or unethical, and is done using deception or distraction, hence the term 'sucker' used to refer to the attacker. In boxing , a sucker punch—as is done when 'hitting on the break', for example—is illegal. For example, when James Butler knocked Richard Grant unconscious after losing a fight to him on points, his license was suspended. During and , significant media attention was paid to two violent killings involving one-hit punches in Australia. The term "sucker punch" was widely discussed after the New York Jets ' starting quarterback, Geno Smith , was sucker punched by a fellow player, IK Enemkpali , on August 11,

Updated January 03, The New South Wales government has backed calls for king hit attacks to instead be referred to as "coward punches". It comes after the family of Daniel Christie released a statement expressing gratitude for the support of doctors, police and the general public. Builder Shaun McNeil, 25, has been charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm over the attack and remains behind bars. As the pressure ramps up to introduce tougher alcohol licensing regulations, a leading advocate for alcohol reform has accused New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell of bowing to pressure from the Australian Hotels Association. No shots are served in Newcastle after pm, no patrons are allowed into a venue after am, and no alcohol can be sold after am. Dr Wodak says the Premier had promised to introduce strong measures to curb alcohol-related violence when he was in Opposition.

KING hit is cruelly descriptive. There is no warning, no preparation, you don't see it coming. The impact is brutal, the damage awful and sometimes fatal. Sporting fields are no places for wimps, as West Coast Eagles defender Brent Staker found when Sydney Swans' hard man Barry Hall knocked him unconscious last weekend with a punishing jab to the jaw. Staker got concussion, Hall seven weeks' suspension. But even when sporting fields are the arenas for brutal contact sports, they are often less dangerous than a street, the footpath outside a hotel or late-night bar, where most king hits happen.

After a string of high profile cases resulting in deaths, this was getting a lot of air time nationally. About 90 fatal incidents had occurred between and mid This morning while scanning my Facebook feed, I came across this post from the police in my hometown of Canberra, after another attack had hospitalised another young man and they were searching for the culprit. A quick search of other incidents revealed much of the same response elsewhere. At the time, I scoffed and hardly thought this would work, the name was a bit awkward and unwieldy.

Question Of The Day: What Actually Is A “King Hit”?

Handbook of Human Motion pp Cite as. - Daniel Christie, left, and Thomas Kelly both died in unprovoked attacks in Australia. Shortly after 10pm, a man who had been leaning against a wall leapt out of the shadows, stepped across the paths of the two girls and, without warning, struck Kelly with a sudden, unprovoked punch.

How the king hit can maim or kill

Top definition. King Hit unknown. A term widely used in Australia. A very hard punch, usually delivered to the head, that is completely unexpected. Most often results in knock outs or knock downs. Viewed upon by most as an act of cowardice. Simmilar in meaning to sucker punch.



Epic king-hit on CCTV (King St Melbourne)




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