If my dog has a seizure what should i do

If Your Dog’s Having a Seizure, Here’s What You Should Do

if my dog has a seizure what should i do

It can be scary to see a dog have a seizure. Learn what to do if this happens to your dog and how to manage its seizures going forward.

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And it can happen with any breed at any age. One moment you and your dog are going about a typical day — and the next your dog is having a seizure. Stay safe and try to keep calm — and let your pet handle the seizure. Your pet will likely be completely unaware of surroundings or even his or her behavior during and immediately after a seizure. This also applies to cats having seizures, but dogs, in particular, can be very anxious, agitated, and even blind immediately following a seizure. Please do not try to hold or pet your animal during a seizure. Even the mildest of pets can seriously injure you even as you try to comfort them.

If your dog is near something that could hurt him, If your dog has a seizure that lasts more than 5.
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There are dogs who love to exercise and dogs that are couch potatoes—just like their people. Some dogs love to run or walk; others would rather ride in the car. Some dogs like to have a job, and others are content to just hang out. Dogs are like people in many ways. Unfortunately, dogs suffer from many of the same health ailments humans do, including seizures. Immediately prior to a seizure, a normally friendly, silly, happy pooch may act confused and dazed, or may just stare off into space. He also may be abnormally clingy or seemed stressed.

Besides the convulsions described earlier, other symptoms that are typical of seizures include dilated pupils and muscle twitches. If you do need to move him, gently drag him by his hind legs. Remember, he might urinate or defecate uncontrollably while in the seizure. If he has the seizure indoors, you might want to grab some newspapers or paper towels to put under him in case this happens. All dogs who suffer from seizures should see a vet. When you find your dog having a seizure, take note of the time and be prepared to call a local veterinary hospital. If your dog has not yet been diagnosed with epilepsy, your vet will first check for signs of different possible causes of the seizure, such as head injury or ingestion of a toxin.

So how do you know if your dog has or may get seizures? And what should you do if they start experiencing them? Causes of epileptic seizures in dogs Some causes of seizures in dogs are preventable, but others are genetic or related to illness. Common reasons can be divided into several different categories:. Environmental One of the most common preventable reasons that dogs have seizures is because they ingest something poisonous. Obviously, the way to stop this from happening is to keep your dog away from harmful substances.

What to do If Your Dog has a Seizure

A seizure is a sudden episode of abnormal brain activity that often involves some loss of body control. Fortunately, most seizures are not considered to be life-threatening.

Seizures in Dogs

Epilepsy is a chronic condition that causes repeated seizures which may be described by terms such as 'fits' or 'funny turns' , and is the most common chronic long term neurological disorder in dogs, affecting an estimated 0. In most cases epilepsy is a lifelong disease. Some breeds may be more predisposed to epilepsy than others and their prevalence may be higher than others. Epilepsy may run in some families and pedigree studies have demonstrated a hereditary basis for some types of epilepsy in a number of breeds. Your vet may suspect that your dog has epilepsy if they have at least two unprovoked epileptic seizures more than 24 hours apart. It can be difficult for vets to tell the difference between seizures and other health problems, so providing them with a thorough description of the abnormal event, or ideally a video recording, can help them in their diagnosis.

What Do I Do If My Dog Has a Seizure?




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    We spoke with AKC's Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Jerry Klein about seizures in dogs to find out what you should do if you witness one.

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    Few things are as alarming for dog owners as witnessing your pup having a seizure.

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