What is freedom debt relief

Freedom Debt Relief Review

what is freedom debt relief

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The spokesman says you can "reduce your debt by up to 50 percent and make one low monthly payment," in a TV ad for Freedom Debt Relief. The company says it can help you eliminate debt in as little as 24 to 48 months without credit counseling or declaring bankruptcy. Instead, it will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount you owe. But according to a recent lawsuit filed against the company, many people who signed on with Freedom Debt Relief increased their debt loads; some declared bankruptcy. FDR is also an umbrella group that includes Bills. It operates like other settlement companies often do.

Kareem was very clear and helpful throughout the process. Thank you for making this experience a good one. They have been helpful so far, but I was stunned at how high their fees were. Be prepared to have that made crystal clear to you. It wasn't for me.

They work with you individually to evaluate your current debt scenario and to determine whether or not their services can help you. Depending on your financial situation, Freedom Debt Relief could help alleviate your debt burden while avoiding bankruptcy.
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Freedom Debt Relief is an American debt resolution company. It is currently based in San Mateo, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Freedom Financial Network , a financial service company also headquartered in San Mateo. The company was founded in by Andrew Housser and Bradford Stroh. Both are Stanford Graduate School of Business graduates. The company negotiates on behalf of indebted consumers who are experiencing a financial hardship with the goal of avoiding bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 by settling their unsecured debt at a discount to what is actually owed.

Freedom Debt Relief, the largest debt settlement services provider in the country, negotiates with creditors to reduce the amount of unsecured debt you owe. The debt settlement industry, including Freedom Debt Relief, has faced state and federal enforcement actions. We also provide alternatives to debt settlement you can consider. How to qualify: Freedom works with customers who struggle with high debt from credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, private student loans and other types of unsecured debt. Like other debt relief companies, Freedom cannot help clients with debt that involves collateral, such as a mortgage or car loan. It also cannot address debt from federal student loans. The debt settlement process: The process at Freedom is typical of most debt settlement companies.

Freedom Debt Relief

How Does the Freedom Debt Relief Program Work?

Talk to one of our Certified Debt Consultants to see if Freedom Debt Relief could be the right solution for your debt. Debt relief is an opportunity to put your debt behind you without paying the full amount owed. Our debt experts negotiate with your creditors to get them to agree to settle for less than the full amount you owe, so you can resolve your debt for less and in less time than other debt solutions. As a debt relief company that has been helping people for over 15 years, we know how to create a custom debt relief program that gets you the best possible results. Each month, you make a deposit into an FDIC-insured savings account that you control. As your account grows, we create a custom plan to get you out of debt. After enough funds build up in your account, we negotiate with your creditors to settle your debts for significantly less than you owe.





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