How to tell what breed my dog is

How to Identify the Breeds in a Mixed-Breed Dog

how to tell what breed my dog is

You're lucky enough that those adorable brown eyes chose you at the dog shelter. You fill out the paperwork and take her home. Her forms say.

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There are many reasons you might want to know your dog's breed, from curiosity to insights into characteristics or learning about any health problems they may encounter in the future as a result of breed predispositions. You may find your rescue dog is purebred, or that your mutt or hybrid pup is a mix of many different breeds. Whether you use science or simply make a well-educated guess, you will be able to better answer that common question: "Oh! What kind of dog is that? You should also make observations about the length and type of your dog's fur, the color of its hair and eyes, and the shape of its ears.

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Figuring Out Your Dog's Breed

It's easy to love shelter dogs, but it's not always easy to classify their breed. Your dog has an adorable face, but what dog breed does that face belong to? Here are some ways to determine what breed or combination of breeds your dog is.




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