What is the fastest thing in the whole world

How we built the fastest conference website in the world

what is the fastest thing in the whole world

3 Things 'Faster Than Light'


People have long had an obsession with fast things. From cars to cheetahs, airplanes to boats, our interest in speed is rivalled only by our fascination with waterfalls. And, while light is still by far the fastest thing in the universe, moving at a staggering speed of It's able to do this for a multitude of reasons: its enlarged nostrils which allow for optimum oxygen intake , and its large heart and lungs that assist the circulation of oxygen in the body. Their semi-retractable claws also probably help, with the excellent traction they offer. You can fly, but you can't hide.

Speed always excites human beings and has inspired us since the beginning of time. From drag racing to track events and countless other.
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Though humans love to assign superlatives —smartest, fastest, strongest—to the creatures of the animal kingdom, those attributes are, in practice, pretty difficult to measure. There are stories of sailfish traveling at 68 mph, for example, but they date to the s and '50s; since then, scientists have determined that anything faster than 33 mph is likely impossible and would lead to "destructive consequences for fin tissues. But of the measurements that have been done—and with those caveats in mind—scientists have determined that these 10 creatures are good candidates for the fastest animals on Earth. At the lower end of the list there are several animals that run around the same speed. One of these is the quarter horse, which is generally faster than its more famous thoroughbred relatives—at least over short distances like a quarter mile.

But not all superlatives in the animal kingdom are so easily settled as weight the blue whale and height the giraffe. In which case, sure, cheetahs can hit speeds up to 29 meters per second or about 64 miles per hour. But even that figure requires a little context. Cheetahs run for a reason—to catch dinner—and most prey are smart enough not to bet their life on a drag race. Instead, they zig. Some even zag. But neither land nor sea creature can hold a candle to the falcon, lord of air.

Also, fast websites have better conversion rates , which in our case means: sell more tickets. If you know what Jekyll is, you know what wintersmith is. Basically the same thing, just Node. Wintersmith is alright. OMG, I spent so much time optimizing font performance.


Top 10: What are the fastest fish in the world?

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Blazing Speed: The Fastest Stuff in the Universe

Even before it received type certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration FAA in September , the Gulfstream G was racking up the records, thanks in large part to its Mach 0. The latest record it has claimed is for the fastest westbound, around-the-world flight for a non-supersonic aircraft, which the G completed in 41 hours and seven minutes. The 20,nautical mile 37, km circumnavigation of the globe began in San Diego on July 1, from where it headed off over the Pacific Ocean before landing in Guam 10 hours and 10 minutes later. The second leg from Guam to Dubai took 10 hours, and the third from Dubai to Cape Verde took another eight hours and 52 minutes. The final leg that returned the jet to San Diego took 10 hours and 10 minutes. The three refueling stops added a total of around 1. The crew duties were shared by five pilots over the four legs of the journey, which were flown at the aircraft's standard high-speed cruise setting of Mach 0.

A space shuttle in the orbit travels at a speed of mph. Here the list of 10 fastest man-made objects ever. The rocket sleds use sliding pads instead of wheels to reach blazing speed. Rocket sleds are propelled using rockets. This external force makes an initial acceleration on experimental objects. The rocket sleds also have long straight track stretches over feet. The tank of rocket sleds also filled with lubricants like Helium gas so that the experimental object will reach to sufficient speed.

Up until midcentury, the fastest thing in the world, apart from light, was sound. Travelling at meters per second kph or mph , sound was faster than even the most devastating craft of war. It was such an accomplishment at the time that he and the team he worked with were honored at the White House by Commander in Chief Harry S. The next year, in , a Northrop unmanned rocket sled became the first land vehicle to achieve supersonic speed, reaching 1, mph before careening off the rails. Rocket on a rampage! Then, in , Felix Baumgartner became the first human projectile to break the sound barrier when he successfully completed a Red Bull sponsored free fall from the edge of the atmosphere down to the New Mexican desert. In short, humans like speed.

SAN DIEGO -- If you're light, it's fairly easy to travel at your own speed -- that is to say , miles per second or , kilometers per second. Nothing we know of zips along more quickly than light. Einstein, nearly years ago, said it's not possible. For us, the speed limit makes strange sense: Go faster than light, and you could return before you've left, become your own grandpa, or perform other leaps of cosmic logic. Fast forward a century. Astronomers are now measuring stuff -- material, matter, things -- that moves at so close to the speed of light you might think it'd make Einstein a bit nervous.




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