What is the best tampon for first time users

Tampon Sizes: Which One to Pick?

what is the best tampon for first time users

Common Tampon Mistakes I How to Put In A Tampon

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Tampons come in sizes ranging from those appropriate for first-time tampon use to heavy-flow tampons for women who experience a higher flow of menstrual blood during their cycle. Tampons should be chosen based on how much menstrual fluid is passed during a short time frame, rather than choosing larger-capacity tampons and leaving them in longer. Tampons must be changed regularly to avoid infection. Tampons can be left in while urinating and only need to be handled when inserting and removing. Using an applicator with a tampon is beneficial and hygienic as they prevent exposure to menstrual fluids. You can also use bathroom tissue to remove tampons, again preventing hands from directly touching any expelled blood.

But we assure you that once you get the hang of it, inserting a tampon is no big deal. Just so you know the first time you try a tampon, you'll.
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Got a period question you want to ask anonymously? Submit your question by filling out this form. The first tampon I ever used was a cardboard applicator tampon and it was only later when I tried plastic applicator tampons did I realize it was sooo much easier with a plastic applicator. For your first tampon, I would suggest a regular absorbency tampon with a plastic full size applicator. Inserting your first tampon can get a bit confusing, so I would also suggest for beginners a plastic full size applicator which is a bit more simpler to use than a compact one. Plastic applicators have a rounded tip covered by the plastic applicator while cardboard applicators have tips that expose the top of the tampon or our covered by the cardboard applicator. The rounded tip on plastic applicators make a first tampon insertion more comfortable than cardboard applicators.


Tampon Questions and Tips for New Users

Check Price on Amazon. With the variety of sanitary care products available on the market, how do you know which is actually a good tampon brand or type for you? Should you go for superabsorbent or light? Applicator or non-applicator? Plastic or cardboard applicator? Which is the best brand of tampons for beginners?

To pad or to tampon? That is the ultimate female question. To a beginner, using a tampon may seem like a daunting task. But we assure you that once you get the hang of it , inserting a tampon is no big deal. Just take a few deep breaths and carry on. Tampons are less bulky and less messy than pads, which are the biggest selling points for those who use them. Beginners should start with slender tampons that come in plastic applicators.

Whether you've been using pads for years and you're ready for a change or you're just starting out, the best tampons for beginners make it super easy to make the switch. When you're searching for a great starter tampon , the first thing to consider is overall comfort. As a first-timer, you'll want a product with a slim design and sleek applicator for easy insertion. But that's only half the battle. Once you have the tampon in place, you want to make sure that it stays in place. Be on the lookout for a tampon that expands, is leak-proof, and is comfortable throughout the day. Before you buy, you may want to consider your individual cycle and lifestyle.





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