What religion were the nazis

Protestant Churches and the Nazi State

what religion were the nazis

Was Adolf Hitler a Christian?

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Catholics in Germany were united in one church. Most were members of the Lutheran, Reformed, or United Churches. In each German state, the members of these denominations joined together to form a regional Protestant church. Protestants in Germany differed not only in their religious practices but also in their political views. A few openly opposed the Nazis, while others saw themselves as neutral. The Nazi government ushered in key changes to the Protestant churches in Germany. Many German Protestants embraced these changes.

How is it possible that Hitler continues to be pegged as either a Christian or atheist, two completely contradictory positions , oftentimes by well-informed people? Likewise, Hitler frequently tailored his statements on religion to appeal to various sectors of German society. Although Hitler was born and raised in historically Catholic Austria, he lost his faith in the Church at an early age. Weikart writes that the young Adolf was a rebellious student who frequently quarreled with his high school religion teacher and often mocked Christianity in class. Weikart writes that Hitler, like his favorite philosopher, Nietzsche, disliked Christianity, but admired the figure of Jesus Christ.

Hitler is commonly thought to have been an atheist, a claim that's often used in debates about the perils of atheistic belief on a mass scale. But was he? Nazism is popularly thought of as an ideology underpinned by atheism, but a closer look at Hitler's speeches and writings show a somewhat ambiguous outlook on religion. Although few historians claim that Hitler was a Christian, there's no unanimous consensus regarding his exact religious beliefs, or lack thereof. However, as historian Samuel Koehne writes in an article for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, there are three main schools of thought:.

Hitler's faith: The debate over Nazism and religion

Two Kingdoms in the Third Reich - Professor Alec Ryrie

In , 5 years prior to the annexation of Austria into Germany, the population of Germany was approximately 67% Protestant and 33% Catholic, while the.
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    Pell argued that Nazism and Stalinism were the "two great atheist movements of the last century.

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