Hinata cheats on naruto fanfiction

hinata cheats on naruto fanfiction

Naruto had slowly started to open his eyes only pain was only thing he . She didn't know why Hinata would cheat on him but she was glad.

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Images flew past his blue eyes. Obscure figures. Two nude beings. Wisp of indigo hair sticking to her glistening face. Her face—Hinata's face. A piercing pain surged through his broken heart, like a dagger crashing through a heart frozen with lost, frozen with shock, frozen with regret, frozen with contempt.

First thing I want ever to read it this and that is if you're a dead hard Hinata fan and you think she can never do anything wrong? Don't read this story because I don't want hear your flames about she weren't do this or it's not it's not like her at all.
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Ok so this is a new one for me, another fanfiction member gave me an idea for a NarutoxSekirei crossover that starts a little like mine but that Naruto also comes to know how much the world has changed outside the Elemental Nations so he leaves to get away from Konoha. Now not everyone has betrayed him this time and not everyone that cheated with him in my first story will have the same significant other. I will reveal everyone who will be in the harem later but right now we are at six girls in his harem as we both agreed we did not want it going any higher than that. Three are from the Sekirei universe and Three are from Naruto. I will tell you a couple hints for the girls though. The higher the number the harder it will be to guess.

This has probably been done before, but you weren't going to see me apologize for giving it my own little twist. I hope you enjoy. If you spot anything wrong or that needs improvement, please tell me. I work to improve endlessly. Two months, which comprised a relatively small portion of the last ten-to-twelve years of the blonde-haired young man's eighteen years of life.

So anyway let's get started. Naruto was sitting on the Hokage Monument on the head of the Yondaime his favorite place to sit and think while watching over Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. In that time he has also been dating Hinata after her confession. Currently he was waiting for her so they could go on their date tonight. He would pick her up at the Hyuuga Compound but her Hyuuga Hiashi still didn't approve of him dating his daughter.

Background: This is set in chapter , Hinata is married with two kids to Naruto, the world is at peace Naruto is Hokage, but there is trouble brewing in the leaf. The cloud had secretly been building up there forces, while Naruto had started to disarm the leafs and the other villages. Tsunade sighed "fine this makes me sick. But the last thing I want is the peace ending, Sakura you and me will be tasked at achieving the impossible, somehow making Hinata cheat on her love of her life, and give that black bastard the Raikage a kid" she said storming out the room. Hinata had grown into somewhat of a MILF or at least that's what she heard in whispers of kids whenever she went shopping. Standing at 5'4 the Hyuga princess was a sight to behold, her breasts had grown bigger from child birth to an impressive and back hurting DDD bra size, that still at 36 years old still defied gravity.




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    "Dammit we can't do that to Naruto he has a family for Christ sake" somehow making Hinata cheat on her love of her life, and give that black.

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