Kings island new ride 2019

Kings Island 2019: We got a sneak peek at this season's new attractions. Here's what we found

kings island new ride 2019

Orion will be the largest and fastest roller coaster at Kings Island and will open in the spring of Kings Island's new gigacoaster, Orion, will be park's tallest and fastest steel coaster 15, | Updated a.m. ET Aug.

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Another year of amazing fun at Kings Island is here! The beloved attraction has returned this year with the new Kings Mills Antique Autos. The ride will be similar to the original Les Taxis, but with a few new enhancements. When Kings Island opens for the season, guests will notice that International Street has undergone a major makeover. Buildings have been refreshed, pavers have been replaced, and the Royal Fountain will delight park guests when the new fireworks finale and day and night fountain shows make their debut over Memorial Day weekend.

Included in the dormitories will be a recreation center with big-screen televisions, community kitchen space, convenience store, digital TV hook-up in each room and free Wi-Fi. There will also be locker space, a basketball court, soccer field, security and secure mail and package pickup. Besides beds, furniture and locker space, units receives a mini-fridge and microwave oven, in-room air conditioning, free utilities, shuttle transportation to and from the associate entrance and digital TV hookup in each room. Antique cars will be motoring again, with the family ride renamed as Kings Mills Antique Autos. Guests will be able to drive a two-thirds-scale Ford Model T around a scenic quarter-mile track equipped with a small rail to keep the car on path. The ride lasts about three minutes and will be comparable to the original Les Taxi antique car ride. The ride will have 18 cars and the route will feature lush landscaping, water features, a covered bridge and more.

Coaster enthusiasts, on forums like KICentral , believe the park will announce a new, giant "giga" coaster sometime in the New Year, to open in the season. Watch the video in the media player above. What does Kings Island have to say? Not much. Follow John on Twitter JohnMatarese. Sign up for John's free newsletter by clicking here. For more consumer news and money saving advice, go to www.

We already knew about a new ride that holds a big place in some folks' hearts. But during a media preview tour Wednesday, we got a closer look at some the details of all the major changes that happened during the off-season. But it's based off a beloved former attraction, the Les Taxis. That closed in The new version of the classic vehicles ride will feature a two-thirds scale of the Model T. The track is located in Coney Mall across from the s cafe, and next to the Racer rollercoaster.


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    Usually Kings Island will kick off its new season with a preview of its newest ride, but for the amusement park is unveiling a host of upgrades and changes, including the return of an old favorite.

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    Kings Island season: A Beast makeover and a favorite returns

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    Several new features are coming to Kings Island this season, including a new 5 new things at Kings Island in Eats, rides and more.

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    Usually Kings Island will kick off its new season with a preview of its newest ride, but for the amusement park is unveiling a host of.

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