Salvation army shelter phone number

Family & Support Services

salvation army shelter phone number

The Salvation Army Center of Hope & Family Shelters programs are designed to provide food and emergency or transitional housing to men, women, or families.

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One night, as William Booth, Founder of The Salvation Army, travelled through the streets of London, England, he was surprised to see homeless men huddled under a bridge. In Canada, The Salvation Army opened rescue homes and shelters in The Salvation Army also provides additional extreme weather response beds during the winter months. In an atmosphere that respects diversity and affirms the dignity of each individual, Salvation Army shelter programs meet basic needs by providing a safe place, a warm bed, hot meals and tools to enhance stability. Through our holistic approach, aimed at meeting the multi-faceted needs of those we serve, we supplement every shelter stay with emotional and spiritual support. We help men, women, families and children experiencing or at risk of homelessness; we are especially concerned with supporting those experiencing long-term homelessness and facing housing exclusion.

The Salvation Army provides hot showers, warm meals, and clean beds for those living on the streets. For those facing extreme heat, unbearable cold, wet weather, or other dangerous elements on the street, each Salvation Army homeless shelter is a welcome respite featuring a safe place to eat, sleep, and shower at no cost. By assisting with food, shelter, educational support, counseling services, and vocational direction, our unique group housing programs help residents cultivate vital life skills for a successful and stable position in society. Rather than separating families in need by gender or age, our family shelters help parents and children of all ages stay together. In addition to providing temporary homeless shelters, we provide families with meal-planning, utility, and long-term housing assistance.

Policy and Advocacy. Chicago's Homelss Plan 2. Break the cycle of violence! Report Domestic Violence. Find Computer Centers Near You.

A student from a Salvation Army school in Liberia has received a national award, recognising her among the country's 13 highest-achieving students. Read more Photographers are being encouraged to participate in a new competition, capturing the essence of women in mission and ministry around the Salvation Army world. Read more Meetings covered the migrant caravan making its way through Central America and the refugee crisis for countries bordering Venezuela.
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Underlying this program is a motivation to identify the causes of homelessness and work to alleviate or eliminate homelessness at its source. During a stay at a Salvation Army shelter, clients will participate in programs and workshops developed to promote self-sufficiency and personal development. The Salvation Army also works with clients to help them transition into a more permanent housing situation. On-site case workers develop, in cooperation with clients, an extensive goal-oriented program. Case workers continually motivate clients to meet these goals. In turn, clients are given responsibilities around the center, including cleaning details and other applicable tasks.




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    The Salvation Army provides shelter and lodging to those in need.

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