Jane seymour open heart story

Kay Jewelers Open Heart TV Commercial, Graduation' Featuring Jane Seymour

jane seymour open heart story

Jane Seymour Tells Bizarre Story Behind Becoming Best Friends With Olivia Newton-John 43 Years Ago

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Jane Seymour's mom taught her that when you find yourself facing insurmountable challenges, if you help someone worse off than yourself, it will also help you. This simple, kind, philosophy is the root of the actress' " Open Hearts Foundation. The times that we're going through I don't know a single person who isn't challenged with something. Perfect examples are the Greens. They had every reason to be angry and bitter. Instead they handled themselves with extraordinary grace and did everything they could possibly do, for their daughter.

Sold exclusively at Kay Jewelers, her new line will debut in select stores and online at www. Comprised of more than 40 pieces arranged in various sizes and settings, the collection is available in yellow, white and two-tone 14 karat gold and sterling silver. The perfect present for family and friends, the collection honors the unique experiences shared by special connections throughout various stages of life. From that experience, she was inspired to create an iconic jewelry collection. In addition, the two open hearts linked together symbolize that two people can be one, while still retaining their individuality. And by partnering with Kay, my collection is accessible to everyone, nationwide.

Her love of art and color has led to her great success as a painter in watercolors and oils and as a designer. Her film Bereave, in which she co-stars with Malcolm McDowell as well as produces, has been lauded at Film Festivals around the world and tells the story of a fatally ill man who thinks he has figured out how to die but when his beloved wife goes missing, he must live to save her. Later this year Seymour returns to her dance roots when High Strung, in which she portrays a tough modern dance teach who strives to push a ballerina past her limits, makes its theatrical debut. Seymour also serves as an Executive Producer on that film. The open heart design reminds us that if we keep our hearts open, love will always find its way in.

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The Story Behind Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts Jewelry

She always used to say, 'If you think life is insurmountable and times are tough, go help someone else., The Associated press January 22,

Stars Align for Healing at Jane Seymour's "Open Hearts" Event

Many of you know Jane Seymour as the actress behind Michaela Quinn, the strong lead character in the hit '90s television series , Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. What you may not know is that Seymour has evolved to become a brand that includes a clothing line , home accessories, floral designs, books and starter painting kits. I connected with the busy entrepreneur, who hasn't completely given up acting, to talk about her latest endeavor, which hint, hint would make a great Mother's Day gift. Why did you start designing jewelry and why is it called Open Hearts?

Jane Seymour's Open Heart

Tell yours with my Open Heart collection. There are millions of reasons to give one, but the message is always the same: Keep your heart open and love will always find its way in. There are many occasions where I slip into a dress and find my neckline bare. I simply do not have the accessories needed to style a dress properly. It is stunning!



The Story Behind Jane Seymour's Open Hearts Jewelry. June 1, by Rob Bates. The way Mark Light, president and CEO of Sterling Jewelers, tells it, it was .
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