Evel knievel snake river canyon jump

Watch This Guy Make Evel Knievel's Snake River Canyon Jump

evel knievel snake river canyon jump

Evel Knievel's Jump at Snake River - Pure Evel: American Legend

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Later, he was fired from one of his first jobs driving an earth mover at a mine after he popped a wheelie with the massive vehicle and crashed it into power lines, knocking out electricity to the whole city. He bounced from thrill to thrill, winning ski-jumping championships, joining the army, and even hitchhiking to Washington, D. He eventually started his own daredevil show, stunning crowds with stunts, wheelies and not always successful jumps over rattlesnakes, mountain lions and other hazards. After each crash and hospital stay, his profile only increased. Soon he started a routine of jumping over a number of cars, then returning to the same venue later to jump over one more. He rang in with a crushed femur and pelvis, numerous fractures, a lengthy hospital stay and blooming fame.

On September 8th, , famous daredevil Evel Knievel climbed into a steam-powered rocket and attempted to blast across Idaho's Snake River Canyon. Soar over a state with much more to offer than just potatoes! This state contains millions of acres of untamed land, great ancient spines of stone, and the deepest canyon in America. Idaho's past is as rich as its volcanic soil and this tour over the Gem State reveals unique visual treasures. From Hemingway's haven to Hell's Canyon, and from the world's first atomic city to the birth of the potato boom, discover the beauty and history of Idaho.

When Eddie Braun was a little boy, he got a chance to meet his idol, Evel Knievel. The famed daredevil took the young man aside and gave him some encouragement. A short time later, Braun hopped on his Schwinn bike and broke his arm trying to jump over some garbage cans. His latest attempt to honor Knievel went a lot better. Knievel had attempted to clear the terrain back in September , but his parachute deployed while still over the canyon, causing him to fall feet to the rocks below. Numerous people have come forward with plans to replicate the stunt, but the red tape involved—FAA clearance, liability issues, and city ordinances—kept everyone on the ground. Calling the workmanship involved a "bunch of technical crap," Braun boiled it down for GQ.



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    Robert Craig Knievel October 17, — November 30, , professionally known as Evel Knievel , was an American stunt performer and entertainer.

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