Coast guard academy acceptance letter

United States Coast Guard Academy: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics

coast guard academy acceptance letter

United States Coast Guard Academy. Class of Profile 91% High School Varsity Letter. 77% Sports Team Captain SAT Scores. (25th through 75th.


Applicants must meet eligibility requirements including U. Other components of the Coast Guard Academy application include a medical exam, a fitness assessment, and if requested by the admissions committee, a personal interview. Unlike other military service academies, applicants to the U. Coast Guard Academy are not required to obtain a nomination from a member of Congress. Interested students who meet eligibility requirements should schedule a visit to the USCGA and contact an admissions officer. Considering applying to the U. Coast Guard Academy?

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His objection stemmed from years of poor political appointments in the U. Are there traveling or deployment opportunities? If you have experience or any input I would appreciate it! Didn't see it posted today. Anyone know when they expect to open it by?

I was sexually assaulted and groped throughout my time at the Academy. It was reported. They laughed and told me that I had sex and regretted it. I was the one punished in the end. I completed my military duty and am having difficulties finding a decent job. I am working at a job now that a high school graduate could do!

United States Coast Guard Academy

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