Things to do in rome with a 7 year old

A 7-Day Rome Itinerary for Active Families with Young Kids

things to do in rome with a 7 year old

What to do in Rome - A Rome Vacation Travel Guide

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Rome fits our criteria for an outstanding, educational family travel adventure that combines art, history, architecture, food and culture. You can spend a few days or an entire month exploring the glory of Rome, as it exists today and as it was in ancient times, and leave amazed and enlightened about this wonderful, mad city. When in Rome with children, do as the travelling mom has done. Reliving past glories with Roman Gladiators at the Coliseum. Wild beasts!

Sounds like it will bore a couple of toddlers to death, right? The secret to a happy family while travelling is to give everyone something to enjoy each day. They will be more likely to behave at the Vatican if there is a promise of a playground or gelato afterwards. If you are travelling with small children in Rome and want to avoid bringing car seats, read this post on Transportation from Rome FCO Airport to your Hotel. We were a little jet lagged after a long flight from Canada, so we found ourselves up quite early.

Would like to hear the best things to do in Rome during the winter with a kid. Lonely planet has a Rome guide for kids- at least in English. Letting your child read about ancient Rome and then discuss with her whether she would like to see any of those places she read about is a good way to engage her. Our 7 year old liked Domus Romane and climbing up the Vittorio Emanuele II monument, including the glass elevator to the roof. We let him be our photographer at the fountains of Piazza Navona and he had a blast with that. The Vatican museums have an audio tour for kids you can rent.

The Best Things To Do with Children in Rome – The best tours, Tickets for the lift cost ˆ7 for adults and ˆ for 10 to 18 year-olds;.
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Traveling with children is a balancing act that is both challenging and extraordinarily rewarding. On one hand, it's a challenge to hold little people's attention and to engage older children and teens. On the other, you want them to get a sense of place and to absorb as much of the local history, culture, and art heritage as possible. It's tempting to look for playgrounds, familiar fast food logos, and things that are just like home. But your kids are in Rome , so help them savor where they are and do things that are special to that Eternal City. That's where this list can help.

You may remember, we were super lucky to make a trip to Rome over spring break — in fact we arrived in Rome on Easter Sunday! A busy day for the capital of Christianity. I asked each of the kids to tell me their favorite parts of the trip and this is what they had to say…. He said that for him, it was the most iconic landmark in the city and that he wanted to film as much footage as he could while he was there because it was such a cool setting. I agree.

The Best Things to do in Rome with kids

Rome With Kids – The Best Tours and Things To Do

Tales of gladiators and ferocious lions will put your kids in the mood for a trip to the Colosseum. That means queues. The busiest time is from mid-morning to around 2pm, so try to visit first thing or mid-afternoon. With its priceless art treasures and hushed museums, the Vatican can be a challenge for parents with children in tow. But all is not lost. To get to the top, you can either walk the stairs or get a lift halfway and continue on foot. Once back on the ground, you can have fun taking selfies with the Swiss Guards on duty near the basilica.

5 days in Rome with kids: the best things to do

This guest post from Marta, the founder of Learning Escapes , a blog about slow family travel and cultural tourism, shows us exactly what to do in Rome with kids. Marta was born and raised in Rome, and now lives in Ireland with her husband and 2 young children, so we are excited to have her share her wisdom about all the best things to do in Rome for kids. One of the perks of being an expat family is being able to call more than one place home. In our case, one of these places is Rome, my hometown and one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in Italy for kids or, indeed, adults! The Roman Forum and the Colosseum are a must-see in Rome and great way to get a glimpse of Roman history for kids. They are right in the centre of town so no complex transport arrangements are needed, and they can be visited together in the space of a few hours. The forum is suited to very young kids and even if you are visiting Rome with toddlers, they can enjoy its vast open esplanade.

Rome is one of the most spectacular capital cities in the world. Its ancient ruins are amazingly well preserved and the beauty of its churches is unsurpassed. We recently visited Rome for 5 days with our young family. You can get a really good feel of the city if you have this long, and explore most of the major landmarks as well as one or two less famous sights. Unlike our trip to Paris when we avoided the main sights, this time we kept pretty firmly on the tourist trail. However, in Rome this is no bad thing!


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