Mom and dad cat with kittens

Father Cat Supports Mom Cat Giving Birth, Wins Everyone’s Hearts

mom and dad cat with kittens

Father Cat Supports Mom Cat Giving Birth, Wins Everyone's Hearts Facebook of her Father cat, Yello, supporting the brand new mom cat, Tam The, during and after giving birth. .. Baby kittens are cute, but please spay & neuter your pets.

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The two cats and their litter of kittens were found in a taped-up box, abandoned in the street. The mama cat refused to stop cuddling her kittens the whole time. The little family is now urgently looking for a foster or forever home, so they can find real comfort and the kittens can grow up in a warm home. Spaying and neutering pets is vitally important and should not be overlooked by responsible guardians. We hope that this sweet family finds a new home where they will be given the proper care and respect that they deserve.

Becoming a father is a momentous experience. Will you be able to live up to expectations? Will you be the role model that your children need? Most recently, a ginger cat named Yello was photographed as his wife Tam gave birth to their first litter. Although Yello started feeling a bit stressed and nervous, the adorable photos show him stepping up to be a Dad that all cats and humans!

When it comes to birthing babies, the majority of the responsibility belongs to the mother. But, one cat daddy wanted to provide care, love and support. Fathers.
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Newborn kittens are delicate creatures, and their mother cats usually know exactly what to do in order to keep them healthy and comfortable. Human caretakers, if available on the scene, just need to be around to provide helping hands should any problems arise. Kitten rearing generally isn't a male cat's strongest suit. Within the world of domestic cats, fathers definitely don't have big roles in looking after their offspring. The duties of caring for kittens lie squarely on the mother cats' shoulders. From nursing the wee babies to strong health to showing them how to hunt and retrieve food on their own, queens do essentially all of the work in raising their youngsters.

A vet hospital in Melbourne Australia took in an abandoned feline family found in a box under a tree in a park. Cat People of Melbourne. On February 6th, two Good Samaritans a mother and her son were out for a walk in a park when they found the family of six kitties abandoned outside. They immediately brought them to a vet hospital for a second chance at life. Cat mom and dad were very sweet and so grateful for the attention and care they received at the vet. Gina Brett of Cat People of Melbourne , a volunteer based rescue group, was contacted about the kitties as they were in desperate need of rescue.

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Mommy And Daddy Cats Loving Their Kittens - Cutest Video Ever

Funny Mother & Father Cat with their super cute adorable kittens



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