What do i clean my nose piercing with

How To Clean A Nose Piercing

what do i clean my nose piercing with

How to Clean Your Nose Piercing with Sea Salt

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Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. Samantha Sasso. When you were a teenager, the stud piercing in your right nostril was probably inspired by The Craft and, if we're being honest, a way to piss off your parents. But even though nose piercings are experiencing a resurgence now, they've been around for thousands of years and hold special significance in many cultures. And while a piercing in an area prone to mucus might seem intimidating, it's actually one of the easiest areas to clean and care for, according to pros.

A new nose piercing requires frequent cleanings. Like any new piercing, regular cleanings help keep debris out of the piercing while also preventing infection. Read on to learn the ins and outs of nose piercing care. You can also talk to your piercer for specific tips tailored to you. Getting a nose piercing is a relatively quick process.

Nose piercings are very popular, especially among the younger generation. Taking good care of your new nose piercing can help it heal without experiencing pain, irritation or risk of developing infection. In addition to cleaning it well on a daily basis, it is also very important to take good care of your body by ensuring that you eat well-balanced healthy food, get enough sleep and avoiding touching the wound unless cleaning it. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to clean a nose piercing. Clean your hands: Before you start the cleaning process, it is very important to first wash your hands thoroughly.

A nose piercing can make a subtle statement about the wearer's nonconformity without creating an image that is too brash or noticeable. Nose rings, like all piercings, require sufficient care and cleaning during the weeks following the piercing. If not kept clean, they can easily become infected. The chances of an infection after healing are lower, but regular cleaning is still needed to keep the piercing healthy. Move your nose ring to avoid getting it stuck in one position.

While a nostril piercing heals, the only way to avoid an infection or unnecessary pain or irritation is to care for your new piercing properly. In addition to cleaning it on a daily basis, keep your body in optimal health by cutting down on smoking, eating and sleeping well, and only touching your face when cleaning your nose. Taking all of these steps can help your nostril piercing heal without complications. Wash your hands. Fold a clean paper towel in half twice to form a square. Squirt the paper towel with an additive-free saline solution until the paper towel is damp.

How To Clean Your Nose Piercing According To A Pro



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    A nose piercing can heal and maintain itself well with regular cleanings. However , as Here's how to take care of your piercing and your jewelry.

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