Dash cam with gps tracking

Dash Cameras with GPS

dash cam with gps tracking

Latest Vehicle's Dash Camera Recorder with GPS (3G/4G) Real Time Tracker

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This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookies policy. What is the best protection against car theft? There are plenty of solutions from steering wheel locks and alarms, to modern authorization devices. But what if the car has already been stolen? Then your only hope for recovering the vehicle is a GPS locator.

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Thank you for placing a request with us. We will get back to you within next 2 business days. Home Features Pricing Specifications. Compatible With. What Media Houses have to say. KENT CamEye is a first-of-its-kind car security device for vehicles and passengers that use dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car, and also allows live video streaming of either camera, from anywhere in the world. KENT CamEye is a next-gen dash cam cum car security system, which ensures the safety of your loved ones and the security of your vehicle.

We use cookies and other similar technologies to improve your browsing experience and the functionality of our site. GPS records accurate speed and location data for your Dash Cam when driving. This can be vital in pinpointing exactly where an incident has happened, which can be crucial in an insurance claim. GPS can be vital in the event of an incident. This can show exactly where the event took place when playing back the footage. It provides useful information, such as road names and where other vehicles are located at the time of the incident.

Dash cams give you peace of mind when you're out and about driving. You never know when you'll need footage from your windshield but you'll be glad to have it if you do. Want a great deal on a dash cam? With Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, we may well see one of these models drop down to a new low price point. We've already spotted a few neat deals ahead of the big event, so it's well worth keeping watch for other bargains we unearth

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What is KENT CamEye?







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    GPS records accurate speed and location data for your Dash Cam when driving. This will keep track of your vehicle's physical location to show the route.

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