How do i change my address with revenue canada

Changing your address

how do i change my address with revenue canada

Making a payment to the CRA

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How can I change my address or contact information for my immigration or citizenship application? What is the difference between the Change of Address and the Address Notification online services? Who can use the Change of Address and the Address Notification online services? Who cannot use the Change of Address online service? How long does it take for a new or updated address to appear online? Why does it take 5 business days for address changes to appear online?

On April 16, Revenue Services launched a new online service for property owners to update their mailing address on property tax and utility bills. This new functionality has been built into the Property Tax Lookup tool. This new functionality will result in faster and more efficient processing of mailing address changes. Within 48 business hours, customers will receive an email confirmation after their mailing address has been updated in the system. Note: If you are the owner of a newly constructed property and have only received a Supplementary or Omitted tax bill, you will have to submit your change of address by mail, fax or in-person.

The Canada Revenue Agency CRA ; French : Agence du revenu du Canada ; ARC , known as the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency previously and as Revenue Canada before that, is a Canadian federal agency that administers tax laws for the Government of Canada and for most provinces and territories, international trade legislation, and various social and economic benefit and incentive programs delivered through the tax system. The CCRA was short-lived, having been created in a November reorganization of the federal government, where it had been known for many years under its statutory name, the Department of National Revenue. Before , it was known as the Department of Inland Revenue. The Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer is the head of the agency and its Board of Management, consisting of 15 members, 11 of whom are nominated by the provinces and territories. The head office is in Ottawa and is responsible for budgeting, planning, training of managers, rulings, reporting to the minister, and other high level functions. Each region has a few tax services office, which carry out field works, such as audit and collections. TC is responsible for processing tax returns and conduct limited reviews of the returns filed.

Use My Account and click on "Change my address. The CRA will not forward your new information to other government departments, except.
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Personal information is not passed along with the online return. Use the My Account Tax Service. You can print and complete the address change request form and mail it to the appropriate tax center listed on the bottom of the form. You can fill it in online, then save it to file or print it, sign it and then send it to your tax center, following the CRA instructions. Send a letter or fax to your CRA tax center. Include your signature, social insurance number , old and new address and the date of your move. If you are including other people in your change of address request, such as your spouse or non-married partner, be sure to include information for each person and make sure each person also signs the letter to authorize the change.

Schedule an Appointment. During such phone calls, the CRA officer must validate your identity and therefore will ask for certain personal information, including your date of birth, your address, and in the case of a business some account specific details. The CRA officials will act with professionalism and will not be aggressive or make threats. To help you identify possible scams, use the following guidelines:. You can then verify that the employee works for the CRA or that the CRA did contact you by calling the CRA at for individuals or for business. Did I file my tax return on time? Have I received a notice of assessment or re-assessment indicating a tax balance due?

This should be done either prior to your move, or shortly afterwards. Doing this in a timely manner will ensure there is no disruption to your benefit payments, such as the Goods and services tax GST or Child Tax benefit payments. When you speak with a representative, be prepared to tell them your social security number to verify your identity. For more help, like how to change your address by mail, read on. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 7 references. Categories: Taxes Changing Address.

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    Changing Your Address With the Canada Revenue Agency

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    If your company is: A business corporation , the following changes will be communicated to CRA automatically.

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