Tent with built in bed

Camping Tent With An Inflatable Mattress Built-In To The Bottom

tent with built in bed

This week in 'Why Didn't I think Of That', the Aesent tent is a camping tent that has an inflatable mattress built right into the base of it.

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Sleep doesn't come easily for all of us, especially when there are lights, noises, and closet monsters. But with the Bed Tent, you can block out all those nighttime or nap-time distractions and get better quality sleep. This bed tent is great for kids, teens and even adults. It provides a snug fit around your mattress for privacy in less-than-ideal sleeping situations. It also r educes outside lights and noises, turning your bed into an oasis of calm. The Bed Tent helps kids feel safe and secure at night and it makes a fun fort around the bed.

They pretty much turn your truck into a rudimentary camper of sorts. Truck bed tents are limited in their size because they are designed to fit comfortably in the bed of a truck. If you need more space but still prefer a truck bed tent, there are also available annex tents that can give you the extra space you desire. They are held down with some sort of built in anchor, usually heavy-duty straps, in order to keep from sliding and to increase stability of the structure. They allow you to sleep in the bed of your truck, thus raising you off the ground, which can be a concern, and sometimes even a deal breaker, especially for those people who would otherwise love camping but cannot bring themselves to sleep on the ground for fear of insects, spiders, animals, and other living things. If you find yourself fitting into one of these categories, or if you just want a cool, convenient, quick tent for your next camping trip, adding a truck bed tent to your available options may be the way to go to get you back out into the woods and into the joys of camping. Napier 57 Series Full Size Tent 3.

The best truck-bed tents you can buy


Having a roof tent for your truck enhances the camping experience by a two-fold. No longer do you have to worry about finding a spot and setting up a tent late at night. Every night becomes a comfortable, bug-free, water-leak-free, experience. Roof tents are commonly used for Jeeps, Landrovers, Cars, and SUVS, but this list covers the best truck bed tents for your truck bed or roof. However these days truck bed tents are more affordable than ever! Here are the 8 Best Truck bed tent reviews of the year. One of the best truck roof tents sold today is this one by Smittybilt.

This week in "Why Didn't I think Of That", the Aesent tent is a camping tent that has an inflatable mattress built right into the base of it. It will hopefully be a step up from sleeping on the cold hard ground, or a blow up mattress that you bring along which you will most likely wake up with you and your sleeping partner straddling in the middle of it. The Aesent is the self-proclaimed "World's Most Comfortable Tent" and is designed to function as a tent with or without the blow up mattress, as it attaches to the bottom via a zipper. Let's just hope this extra piece to the tent doesn't tack on too much extra time setting up the tent, as dummies like me seem to struggle with tents quite often. The Aesent tent is a 4 person domed tent, has a 6 inch deep blow up mattress, and is made from a vinyl that is thicker than a standard air mattress which allows the tent to be setup on rocky, hard, or uneven ground without issues. Check out the camping tent with a built-in air-mattress on the bottom of it in action via the video below. Like this stuff?

These tents are designed without the need to put up window awnings for your convenience and allowing it to be mounted close to the cab without any loss of window function. Upgrade to an attachable annex for even more space and functionality. Your email address will not be published. The entry-level Weekender 56 has a lightweight D Oxford Polyester Ripstop body which keeps it low weight and low cost. It also has a removable tropical fly coated in PU which keeps this Roof Top Tent dry yet allows airflow.


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