2009 penny log cabin error

2009 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Errors

2009 penny log cabin error

US 2009 Penny - Lincoln Log Cabin

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Many collectors are not aware of the fact that in the U. The third design features young Lincoln in front of the Illinois State House, where he practiced law and became familiar with the world of politics. The final design shows the unfinished U. Capitol rotunda in Washington D. Because of U. Demand for the four Lincoln cent designs was high from the start, and premiums have been charged for rolls and individual coins available online and from numismatic sellers in magazines.

2009 Lincoln Log Cabin Penny

The day was appropriate, as it was the th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, which each of the four four redesigned Lincoln Cents celebrate. The new penny, officially known as the Lincoln Cent Birthplace , features a log cabin design which is representative of Lincoln's birth and early childhood in Kentucky. Lincoln was born in a log cabin, and this new coin is meant to signify the humble beginnings experienced by the 16th President of the United States. The design is perhaps most unique in the group as it is the first cent to depict a different reverse tails side in 50 years. It replaced the Lincoln Memorial design by Frank Gasparro that was first issued in , which had replaced the wheat penny design introduced with the very first Lincoln cent. One consistency between the previous two versions and the new coins is the portrait on the obverse side.

Tuesday, October 22, Who knows, maybe it is more important now to have plenty of guns and ammo than to pursue a very expensive hobby that excludes almost all kids, and many younger people who simply cannot afford to buy all the coins needed to fill a traditional collector book. Obviously the interest was there, but I could sense the boy's frustration as he longingly eyeballed the gold and silver coins, far beyond his financial reach. Nevertheless, the boy had found a few needed coins for his nickel collection, maybe not "MS" Mint State examples, but hole fillers for sure. I asked the boy and his father if either of them had heard about the Lincoln Cent Errors of , and neither one had. The Lincoln Cents are special for many reasons; 1. They are the lowest mintage in over 50 years.



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