Giovanni borgia 2nd duke of gandia

Giovanni Borgia

giovanni borgia 2nd duke of gandia

Giovanni Borgia, 2nd Duke of Gandia ( or –) was the son of Pope Alexander VI and a member of the House of Borgia. He was murdered in

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He was the elder brother of Cesare , Lucrezia, and Gioffre. Historians commonly believe that Juan was in fact Rodrigo's oldest surviving son. Juan, like his brother Cesare was known for his sexual appetite. He carried on affairs with a number of women. In one case he was caught in the act by Virginio Orsini carrying on with his wife. Juan fled, leaving the poor woman to be murdered by Orsini.

Peter's, and Gonfalonier and Captain General of the Church. Giovanni Borgia's photo gallery. No photos have been uploaded yet. Books with Giovanni Borgia. Jeanne Kalogridis Goodreads Author. Want to Read saving….

Juan Borgia (Borgia)

Photo added by William Bjornstad. Spanish Nobility. Second Duke of Gandia. Son of Rodrigo Borgia and Vanozza dei Cattanei. On the evening of the 14th, he attended a dinner at his mother's house with his brother Cesare.


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