Bitch betta have my money

Bitch Better Have My Money

bitch betta have my money

Mar 4, (90's) AMG - Bitch Betta Have My Money. (90's) AMG - Bitch Betta Have My Money. Enival Junior. Loading Unsubscribe from Enival Junior?.


Men are from Pluto and women from Jupiter. But after listening to Bitch Betta Have My Money , one wonders if AMG had ever actually experienced up-close and personal contact with any genuine members of the female species prior to recording his second effort. The music is -- not to put more of a fine a point on it than it deserves -- misogyny raised to the nth power. As sophomoric potty talk, offensive tongue-in-cheek? Or rather, to be more precise, if you can bring yourself to swallow or overlook the more insulting vulgarities and self-styled roll-pimping -- not, it should be noted, an easy task at times, considering the extent of some of the nastiness -- Bitch Betta Have My Money is a far sight more diverting than the average 2 Live Crew horn-fest, partly because AMG seems to include himself in the joke more often than not, and because P-Funk -laced tunes like "The Vertical Joyride," "Mai Sista Izza Bitch" on which Boss delivers a decidedly non-dainty pimp-slap of her own , and the DJ Quik -produced "Nu Exasize" are undeniably fonkay ear-candy.

The song was digitally released on March 26, , through the iTunes Store. Upon release critics gave the song mixed reviews, finding the song catchy and ready to be played in clubs, but thought it was a step down from the preceding single. An accompanying music video was released on July 2, Development continued when the producer had a session with writer Bibi Bourelly , who went into the recording studio and began to freestyle the initial lyrics. The first lyric of her freestyle was "bitch better have my money" which later became the title of the completed song. Following the completion of the song, Deputy believed that Rihanna would be the artist for it, stating "This is definitely something that Rihanna needs to sing. We was trying to figure out who could do it because Bibi killed it.

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Then she basically goes frame-by-frame through the video, recounting her horror at what unfolds. Rihanna is looking to prosper through controversy in the same way that her idol Madonna has done so many times via the medium of the music video. In the seven-minute clip, the pop star kidnaps and torments the wife of an accountant who bilked her, dismembers the accountant, and then lounges, naked and covered in blood, in a box of money. The staging and editing is striking, comic book-like, almost whimsical—I felt sickened as I watched, but I also giggled as Rihanna, making a phone call, casually stepped aside to avoid the trophy wife swinging from the rafters like a pendulum. But each humiliation, in the end, is just a particularly vivid contribution to an old entertainment tradition. We live in a world where women are victims?

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Bitch Betta Have My Money





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