When a narcissist finds someone new

Will My Ex-Narcissist Treat His New Girlfriend Better?

when a narcissist finds someone new

I donno whether he is with someone new, it has been almost 11 months since we split . I'm sad for his ex when she finds out he did this while living with her.


In other words, the new girlfriend is worried about the Ex and the Ex is worried about the new girlfriend. Because Narcissists are cheating slime balls, and the Ex and the new girlfriend have every right to be concerned. He moves in with his latest mistress or rents his own little love nest because the mistress is too young to have her own mortgage. Or, the wife has turned into a suspicious, bipolar maniac and he just cannot tolerate her craziness another day, pulling out his smashed Rolex as evidence. Obviously the ex-wife has lost her marbles, right? Little does the new girlfriend realize that the smashed Rolex was an anniversary gift that was given to him by the wife three days earlier, before she realized her husband was a flaming cheater. Then, after a few weeks of deceptive bliss, the new girlfriend notices the Narc is gone more than usual.

It can be quite crushing, when the man that you are in love with turns out to be nothing but a compulsive pathological liar. When you realise that you have been used by someone that you gave everything to. This person is someone that you shared your life with, and no doubt your finances too. You had hopes and dreams, none of which came true. It can feel shattering when you realise that this person has now moved on, and met someone new. You can feel, used, abused and just worthless.

But keep in mind that when a Narcissist is securing new supply, he will love-bomb her; just as he did you in the beginning. Just as we have four seasons, the Narcissist will use these tactics to secure new supply. Frankly, it coincides rather conveniently with his discarding of you. Since love-bombing is time-consuming, grueling, and involves spending money, the Narcissist is depleted. On the inside, he is feeling grouchy due to all of this exertion.

A certain amount of time after the break-up — usually not long, when it comes to narcissists — your ex will find someone new. Whether you're.
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We can feel like our world is coming down around us. And we can feel like we want to be back in their lives. Understand this. The narcissist knows exactly this; which is why they hurried up and moved on after the split. The narcissist had people supply waiting when they decided to discard us. The discard is to give them pleasure because they know that getting rid of us and then finding someone else to replace us is just emotional and psychological torture that many of us would not be strong enough to bear; initially. The narcissist does not love.

It won't last. You tore yourself away from the abuse, the lies, and the mind-games , and you can finally start to heal. If you ended the relationship, they might still be trying to get back into your life. This is why the "no contact" stage — where you completely erase them from your life — is so important for you to move on. However, if they broke up with you, you might be still grieving for what you once had. It's important to remember that you're mourning the person you thought they were, not the abusive, cruel manipulator they really are. A certain amount of time after the break-up — usually not long, when it comes to narcissists — your ex will find someone new.

Don’t feel jealous when he moves onto someone new!

It is challenging and exhausting being romantically involved with a narcissist, but they can also cause havoc when they leave. Break ups are always hard, but when you've been in a relationship with someone who uses others and is obsessed with themselves, it can be even harder. On the surface, narcissists can seem charming, engaging and charismatic, which can make them difficult to leave in the first place.






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    When a narcissist finds someone new know that it is only to spite you. They do not love the new supply. They didn't love you. They don't know.

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