Cheapest online mba no gmat

Top 25 MBA Programs With No GMAT Requirement Online for 2019

cheapest online mba no gmat

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the usual examination required for entry into an accredited online MBA program. For these reasons, it may be attractive to some potential online MBA students to seek out programs that waive the GMAT requirement. Undergraduate grade.

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By Christian Amondson. For years now, some of the top business schools in the nation have offered online Master's of Business Administration degrees. These excellent programs are designed to provide distance learners the chance to develop as business leaders while also being able to stay employed by the organizations they work for. Before online degrees, graduate students would have to scour the country looking for a high-ranking program and then sacrifice a position they had worked for to move to a new state and establish themselves and their family. This scenario is not only inconvenient, but it is also costly as there are many more expenses accrued while pursuing a degree at a brick and mortar college or university than just tuition. Traditional students have to worry about parking fees and babysitters when planning their weekly schedules.

But now you have an even bigger and much more complex choice ahead of you which No GMAT program is the right one for you? Selecting an online MBA program is in many ways more complex a decision than making the choice to pursue an on-campus Master of Business Administration. After all, most of us have only so many MBA-granting institutions within driving distance. While every learner is unique, there are several aspects that every student will need to consider before committing. In addition, this program offers a high level of flexibility with the ability to complete in as little as 18 months or up to five years. Also, Fiske's Guide to Colleges ranked Ohio University as the 14th best buy university based upon academic quality related to cost of tuition.

At Southern New Hampshire University, we have a tradition of excellence and a proven success rate - 95 percent of our students are employed upon graduation. Request Information Here. As the global economy expands and competition increases, more companies want their employees to have an advanced business management education. Today there is a huge number of online MBA degree programs available in many specializations with no GMAT exam required or a waiver option. Below are some of the most affordable online MBA programs, some cheapest others most expensive, in the most exciting specializations and concentrations today. You can easily request more information from each school by clicking on their direct link. Are you a school or University with an MBA program which should be included on this page?

Committing to formal study in management, leadership, or entrepreneurship are sure-fire ways to invest in your business career, but not all aspiring leaders in commerce can relocate to attend school, which means online education is practical and necessary for career advancement. Many of the most affordable online MBA programs offer exciting, engaging, and flexible opportunities for degree completion. Some new trends included:. After examining information concerning accreditation, graduation rates, student debt numbers, job placement records, and other metrics that indicate quality online education, consider the following when choosing from the top online MBA programs:. Our online M.

Top 50 Online MBA Programs: Small Business Edition

However, schools are increasingly waiving this requirement for reasons that we will discuss below. The GMAT is used as an entrance examination for a large number of graduate business colleges internationally. The GMAT is a standardized test, which is timed and allows test-takers approximately two minutes to complete each question.

Affordable Online MBA Programs

In addition to a lot of difficult coursework, prospective students are often required to jump through hoops to gain admission into a credible graduate business school. To ease their burden, many such business schools are making their MBA programs more accessible by offering them via distance education and by waiving the GMAT requirement. To develop this ranking of the best 25 online MBA degree programs with no GMAT requirement, our editors began with a pool of 69 schools. We then gathered the necessary information to apply the rating and ranking methodology above, consulting credible sources such as PayScale and College Navigator. In cases of a tie, we awarded the higher ranking to the more affordable program. A capstone course in Strategic Management is also required.

Yet for many busy professionals returning to college after starting their career, studying and paying for a standardized test may not be practical. Many colleges today are solving this dilemma by putting less emphasis on the GMAT for admission, allowing students to use past academic and current professional experience to waive the requirement. Others have simply eliminated the GMAT requirement all together. Understanding the requirements of prospective programs and how to evaluate the school and its offerings can make it easier to choose the right MBA program for your experience and lifestyle. Although many colleges have added no-GMAT online MBA programs for students, it remains a relatively small percentage of the programs out there.

Accredited Online MBA with No GMAT Requirement

Skip to: Navigation Content Footer. The test has four main sections that measure a student's reasoning, math, verbal, and analytical writing skills, and students who do well on the GMAT often do well in business school. While the GMAT remains popular with many programs for this reason, it is not always appreciated by students who sometimes find it burdensome in terms of both cost and time commitment. This may be why the number of students taking the GMAT is in decline. Today, many schools are changing their GMAT requirement or getting rid of it altogether. Offering alternatives to the GMAT benefits both schools and applicants by reducing hurdles that discourage prospective students from applying. For example, offering a GMAT waiver to students with demonstrated work experience benefits applicants who have been out of school for a few years, while schools gain a more diverse applicant pool of experienced professionals.

Skip to: Navigation Content Footer. The primary concern for most students looking for an online MBA is cost. Prospective students are savvy enough to search beyond the cheapest online MBA programs in terms of tuition. What they really want is a good return on their investment. A truly affordable online MBA program delivers a high-quality education at a cost that won't saddle students with years of debt. A school's tuition rate is not the only indicator of its affordability, and it is important to understand all of the factors that make an online MBA program affordable. An affordable program will increase your earning potential without burdening you with excessive debt.


This move to an online MBA no GMAT requirement system is great news for many For general online MBA programs see our list of 62 of the cheapest online.
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