Kotoura san episode 1 english dub

Is kotoura-san english dubbed?

kotoura san episode 1 english dub

This fantasy romantic comedy depicts the school lives of Kotoura Haruka, a girl who can Episode 2. The First Kotoura-san and Manabe-kun. Episode 1.

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Kotoura-san is based on a four-panel manga series, which makes the fact that it actually turns out to be a character development-driven dramedy all the more surprising. The anime version wastes no time in clarifying that it is not going to be just a full-out comedy fest, as its first 10 minutes are grimly dramatic, and despite occasional infusions of silliness, a serious tone continues to dominate for the first four episodes. The rest of the series alternates between silly and serious stretches, and despite an occasional stumble along the way, it finds a remarkably comfortable balance between the two elements. That helps make it one of its season's unexpected gems. The most controversial part of the series is its opening 10 minutes, a montage which carefully delineates exactly how Kotoura ends up as the shut-off, dead-eyed girl who we see when she first encounters Manabe.

This is going to be a dub of episode 6 of an anime called Kotoura-san. This is a casting call to fill in the role of a character whose previous VA had to leave the project. Currently I have plans to possibly do the entire anime after this episode is finished. However if you do not wish to be a part of the project for more than this episode, That is fine. Kotoura is a teenage girl with the ability to read minds. This ability has lead to her living a rather troubled life due to the fact she couldn't keep her mouth shut when she was younger.

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Kotoura-san Episode 1 Recap | TVTIME ?? by Nerd Hope24

Hello guys this is my first reaction video and i choose kotoura-san to be the one i would react to, thank you for watch this guys and also i'll make s About the show: year-old Haruka Kotoura has the ability to read minds.

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Honestly, this was one of strongest pilot episode, I have seen for any show anime or not. She had no understanding of this ability of a young age, so she unintentionally exposed secrets causing her loose friends and be disowned by her own parents. He will also serve as her love interest throughout the series. She had a short cameo appearance this episode, so I will furtherly explain her in episode 2. So far we know, she has a crush on Manabe. Watch the episode and read below for more information on this good-for-nothing mother and her character. At a certain point, Kotoura begins to break down about how no one plays with her, and whisper behind her back.


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