Best business card designs 2018

55 Beautiful Business Card Designs

best business card designs 2018

Whether you`re meeting with potential clients or hitting up some craft fairs, it`s always good to have a stash of business cards to stay in touch.

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Usually, it is seen printed onto a standard card stock, but advancements in card printing can now engrave it into heavy cardstock or even metal! When every coffee shop cork board around town has a hundred different cards tacked up, how is yours supposed to stand out? Or a bright purple sky to lure you into the illustrated world a cartoon unicorn! If you want to send a sophisticated message, consider how a dark, two-tone card with simple typography printed on a thick matte card stock accomplishes this. It sends a visceral message that is sleek and dependable—just like the that thick card stock!

Is your portfolio or business is ready to step in with all essential branding items? Brand Logo , Business Card and Website is the most common items of branding. All elements, including the logo, you can resize without losing quality. All design elements separated and grouped in fully layered files. Download Now.

Please leave this field empty. In this digital age, the old-fashioned business card is still as necessary as it ever was. Think of the last time you met with a potential client or business partner. Was it easier to take the time to input phone numbers and emails into your phone? Or simply exchange business cards?

Business cards have contact details of a company. But today that is not the sole purpose of them. Matter of the fact is that marketers have turned the cards into an effective tool to convey the brand message of a company. However, a business card design becomes part of a brand building exercise only when the card is unique and memorable. Make sure that your clients keep your business card with them. If your design is unique and attractive, they are most likely to remember it. They will keep the card in their drawers at home or office.


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    A business card is a small piece of card, which is used by people who would like to share their contact info and professional details on the job that they are doing.

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