Characteristics of a bad friend

How to Identify Bad Friends

characteristics of a bad friend

A toxic friendship can be hard to spot and even harder to shake. Take some time to evaluate what it means to be a good friend and what it means to be a bad.


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For most children friendships are a vital part of life. As children transition to being a teenager friends become even more important. Who your child's friends are often determines the choices they make. Friends can have a great influence upon their behavior. But what exactly constitutes a good friendship or bad friendship? It isn't always easy to tell if your child is in a bad friendship.

Thomas Aquinas once said, "There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. It is a gift built on bonds we form with other people throughout our lives. I have friendships that have spanned the entire course of my lifetime: childhood friends, high school friends, college friends, work friends, and friends from my community. Each one of them, meaningful in different ways, has undeniably contributed to the person I am today. This New Year, I have made a resolution to surround myself with true friends -- people that I have made an authentic connection with, people that are important to me and worthy of sharing my life experiences.

The Characteristics of a bad friend is hard to spot, yet enormous. The kind of friends who will stay by you through all thick and thin like that of Toyor to Jenifa, right? Your friends are your confidants; they can make you, but even easier to break you if they so desire. Friends are your strength. Searching your weakness is the last thing that would ever give them a tough time. Below, I have stated 6 bad habits of awesome friends which you may not even realise. It is always difficult for a good friend to find a fault in you.

Being a bad friend is more common than you may think. You may share your vacation pics and restaurant check-ins with hundreds of "friends" on social media every day. But odds are only a handful of those you connect with online are your true friends. Good friendships are based on honesty, support, and mutual respect, and can contribute to your overall good health. A supportive network of pals can reduce stress , help you cope with trauma, and encourage positive behavior, according to the Mayo Clinic. But a friendship steeped in jealousy and mistrust can take a toll on your health. A study conducted by UCLA claims that stressful friendships can lead to increased inflammation throughout the body which may over time cause diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

6 Proven Ways That Shows Your Best Friend Is Your Worst Problem

This is the biggest red flag. This is one of my biggest pet peeves.



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