North carolina hog hunting outfitters

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north carolina hog hunting outfitters

Hog Hunting In NC


There are discounts for parties of 6 people or more. All of our hunts for hogs are out of baited tree stands or running with dogs. It is an amazing hunt to sit there quietly and all of a sudden hear a hog squeal in excitement after being bit by another or him just getting pissed about his buddy eating all the insects out of his favorite dead log. You will see some awesome sights while boar hunting, that is for sure. Bobcats, Coyotes, and Fox included as well in all hunts free of charge when state law allows of course.

Find the Perfect Hunting Adventure. Whether you're hunting alone or having a group outing, Creekside Hunting Adventures Inc. Our hunts take place in beautiful creek bottoms, hardwood and clear view pines, as well as open fields. These hunts help the farmers combat the hog overpopulation in North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule your hunting adventure.

The wild hog is a good swimmer and enjoys a good muddy hog wallow just like a regular farm pig. Swampy areas are great habitat for wild hogs. The pictures don't lie. Wild hogs are mostly nocturnal beasts therefore our hog hunts are conducted at night from elevated, covered box style stands overlooking lighted bait sites. Our bait sites are kept active year round with a combination of sugary sweet, salty, fatty foods including sweet potatoes, oats, molasses corn and peanut butter. We guarantee there will never be a shortage of food at ANY of our bait sites because you cant kill pigs without lots of food!

Been following our social media pages and always wondered how you can get in on all the action? Hunt locations are decided the week of your scheduled hunt. You will need a good quality Weapon Mounted Hog Light. Yes, you need to have a valid North Carolina Hunting license. Wild Hogs reproduce so rapidly that there is absolutely no way we will ever get rid of Wild Hogs. If you are given the opportunity to harvest more than one hog, take your time and make the shots count. I hope they all are and we continue our awesome track record!

North Carolina Wild Boar Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Where there is lots of game at a price that is affordable. We love when our clients come and enjoy some fine bass and crappy fishing in our lake.

Guided Wild Hog Hunts

Most hog hunts start in the afternoon about 2 hours before dark and go into the night. Your guide will equip you and your bait site with green hog hunting lights for night hunting. These wild hogs are a cross of a Feral Hog and a Russian Razorback and can be hunted days a year. They are very dangerous and have razor-sharp tusk that can rip through anything. Pure Adrenaline Outfitters is North Carolina's top outfitter in hunting wild hogs. The average wild hog weighs around lbs.






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    We hunt hogs at night when deer season is closed using feeder mounted lights to T&M Hunting Properties is North Carolinas premiere Outfitter for trophy wild.

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