First parish church york maine

First Parish Church Parish House

first parish church york maine


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The exact date of the establishment of the First Parish Church in York is not known, though it was likely between and A religious building used by the Church of England had existed in the town, then called Agamentius, since , and was appropriated as York's residents became increasingly Puritan. In , Rev. Shubael Drummer became the first Congregational minister in York. Under his leadership, a second meeting house was constructed in Drummer and the burning of much of the town.

This week a wonderful vocal quartet, worship and communion. Book Group! For more info, contact Rev. Estelle at Share this prayer with the many children who will be starting school in the next couple of weeks! If you can be still enough long enough there is a place within on the other side

We're a multi-generational group who welcome people from all different backgrounds. Our church is accessible with a ramp and hearing assistance devices. We have cooling AC in the warmer months and abundant heat in the cooler months! It's one-way, so please enter from York Street to the right of the church, by Town Hall. Handicapped parking is available.

First Parish Church, York, Maine

And the ministry begins on Monday, when the church begins to offer aerobics and yoga latte classes at the Fellowship Hall classes that had been held at the York Fitness Center, which is closing its doors. Verlee Copeland.

York First Parish Church

Bring all that you are ; energy, ideas, humor, and your love and friendship. We will joyfully share ours. To park you enter the library entrance on route 35 just before the lights that enter Main Street route 1. To reach our Minister:. Molly Petrik. Emily C.

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Estelle knows that pets are family members and she is honored to officiate pet funerals. -


York's First Parish Church welcomes associate pastor





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