1970 d penny small date

Lincoln Memorial Penny: Key Dates, Rarities, and Varieties

1970 d penny small date

1970 To 1979 Valuable Lincoln Cents Varieties That Can Be Found In Pocket Change

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There were two different types of pennies made in , and one that was far rarer and worth more than the other. One is the small date variety and one is the large date variety. The scarce S small date variety is characterized by a more delicate date of a finer punch as compared to the large date variety. The large date will exhibit a seven that is relatively level with the rest of the date, more so than its counterpart by quite a bit. Those are the main differences between the two coins, and we'll go into more detail with them in this article. This is a tricky coin to say the least, and only coin enthusiasts who really know what they are looking for can spot the differences between the two strikes of this coin. This is a poor indicator of the type, so be sure you are looking at multiple different indicators.

These IDs are a simple organization of all coins prior to variety attribution and grading. See Coin Details. NGC Coin Explorer. This is the more scarce of the two major varieties for S cents, though enough were hoarded at the time to prevent it from being rare. This style is also known as the level date, because the tops of the 7 and 0 are aligned. There was no data found for this Coin.

When I began collecting coins, I was only interested in old ones because I thought they were the only ones that were valuable. Once I started researching coins, I discovered that many coins can still be found in circulation today that are worth a lot of money. I was blown away by how much some of these coins are worth. It was unbelievable. Now that I've finished my research, I want to share my results with you. Here is a list of 10 valuable pennies that might be in your pocket change right now.

Valuable Pennies Still in Circulation Today

Log in or Sign up., Although there are no key dates, there are a few varieties for the Lincoln Memorial cents minted from through

1970 D Lincoln Memorial Cent

This class of doubled die varieties may well be a class with no actual known varieties! This class of doubled dies got its name "modified hub doubling" due to the fact that the doubling would result from some sort of modification to a part of the coin design on one or more of the working hubs. As such, this is a very difficult class to verify and would most likely require some sort of confirmation from the Mint that modifications were indeed made to a working hub. Years ago there were a few suspected examples of this type of doubling, but they have since been delisted as Class VII doubled die varieties. According to the account the Mint indicated that the master hub became unusable after making the master die for They didn't want to make a new master hub as they were used for a period of several years at that time and there was some uncertainty at the time over possible obverse design changes for the Lincoln cents in due to the coming of the Lincoln Memorial cents.

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1970 D Lincoln Penny




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