Rats off to ya shirt

Super Recaps: Tom Goes to the Mayor (Rats Off to Ya)

rats off to ya shirt

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It becomes a local phenomenon, but the idea is quickly stolen from Tom by a local novelty store. Jeff Garlin appears as Pat Croece, the novelty store owner. Tom and the Mayor try to celebrate a relic of Jefferton's past by rebuilding a Western-themed amusement park called Pioneer Island. Patton Oswalt guest stars as Zynx, a new threat to the Mayor's power. At the request of the Mayor, Tom marries all the dogs in Jefferton. Jeff Goldblum guest stars as a pet store owner. The Mayor gets Tom to invest in a porcelain bird pyramid scheme to save Jefferton's bird sanctuary.

The episode begins a bit differently from previous ones by eschewing the opening credit sequence in favor of setting up a storybook framing device; similar to the off and on narration in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The tale we are hearing of today is of Good Tom Peters and the t-shirt that could change everything! The Mayor is sadly of little help though considering his time is better spent playing the Mall Santa which means that his only real recourse aside from going to an ACTUAL judge is to plead his case before City Council. Remember that opening scene where he goes to The Mayor to get a permit or whatever!? Pull THAT file up and the case is closed!

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Tom Goes To The Mayor

Rats off to ya!

Rats Off to Ya!

If you haven't heard of this late-night collection of idiosyncratic animations, there are two reasons why you might want to check it out. The first reason is demographic:. When Nielsen begins tracking the block's ratings separately from Cartoon Network's daytime numbers at the end of this month, Turner Broadcasting expects "Adult Swim" to be the top-rated basic cable network among to year-old males. Itzkoff mentions in passing that the creators of one Adult Swim cartoon are consciously setting out to create catchphrases that will bond the audience to the show and to one another. Fair enough -- this mechanism, whether conscious or not, has worked for entertainers from Shakespeare to Matt Groening. But there's something new this time: it seems that these catchphrases are meaningless to start with, gaining significance only from their role in the show and its subculture.



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