Land o lakes butter boobs

Butter Boobs

land o lakes butter boobs

The artwork for Minnesota's Land O' Lakes butter packaging is classic, dating back to when it was first created by Brown & Bigelow.

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Amy please help. Land O Lakes has changed their butter package so that you can no longer create the most brilliant craft project. Join my fight! Save the.
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Yesterday, while no one was looking, Land O Lakes changed their butter packaging. This assault on our pre-pubescent fun cannot stand. This will remain on my fridge forever. There are still some of the great old packages left. Just one here. You can see the comparison. One of the last packages to do so.

The logo was updated "modernized" once in , again in the '50s, and has undergone minor modifications here and there since. The legendary packaging is good for two rather nerdy tricks: A a very trippy optical illusion and B a very infantile boob illusion. To view this effect within the Land O'Lakes image, you would need a super powerful magnifying glass, or the ability to expand the most forefront image to enormous proportions. To see the effect visually illustrated, check out the unrelated to Land O'Lakes image to the right. As promised, the second fascination brings us to boobs.

I'm stooping to a moment of immaturity here, and I beg your entire pardon. I am finally going to show some Female Breasts on this site. I tune in for escapism, or to learn, or be entertained, not hear the same depressing crap I hear all day as it is. I gave up sending emails to them, suggesting they lighten the hell up and find some intelligent guests out of the zillions of interesting people out there. I'm thinking "folding stuff to look like stuff" and I remember teh Land O' Lakes chick.

Land O Lakes Indian Bares Breasts With Knee Cap Packaging Trickery




Land O Lakes Butter Boobs




Land o lakes boobs


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